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Thumbnail of 6 nimmt! box

6 nimmt! (Wolfgang Kramer)

A new edition of the classic card game, where every decision seems to be the wrong one... in hindsight! Still great fun: £9.00.

Thumbnail of 15 Dias box art

15 Días: the Spanish Golden Age (Gonzo Brios)

A clever, intricate card game that has both team and individual elements each round – though there's only one winner. Players compete in three facets of the Spanish court to become the new King's prime minister: £15.00 £8.00.

Thumbnail of 20th Century box art

20th Century (Vladimir Suchy)

A terrific development game with an interesting twist. As well as developing their ‘country’, players have to deal with the pollution and garbage this creates. I'm very taken with it: £40.00.

Thumbnail of 221B Baker Street cover

221B Baker Street (Jay Moriarty)

The classic deduction game in which players explore London to find clues and solve a mystery for Sherlock Holmes. With 75 cases in the box, there's plenty of exercise for your little grey cells (as another literary detective would say): £18.00

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Thumbnail of 1001 Karawane box art

1001 Karawane (Roman Mathar)

Players explore and trade around the desert, aiming to be the first to collect three artefacts. Interesting stuff: £12.50.

Thumbnail of "Above and Below" cover

Out of stock

Above and Below (Ryan Laukat)

This is an intriguing and very entertaining game that combines worker placement and paragraph-based adventures to good effect. Players expand their village (Above), using the resources they find in the caves 'Below'. Along the way, players produce some great stories: £33.00.

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Age of Steam Expansion: America/Europe(Ted Alspach)

Double-sided mounted board, with two fairly standard maps: £20.00.


Age of Steam Expansion: Mississippi Steamboats/Golden Spike (Ted Alspach)

Double-sided, mounted board with two long, thin maps that are as much about connections as moving goods: £20.00.


Age of Steam Expansion: Vermont/New Hampshire (Ted Alspach)

Double-sided, mounted board of the two New England states. Vermont features the trials of winter, while New Hampshire is strictly anti-cooperative. With two copies, you can put them together for the challenge of 'Central New England': £20.00.

Thumbnail of the Agra cover

Agra (Michael Keller)

Definitely a monster (it weighs 3 Kgs!), this a fascinating business game set in India during the Mughal Empire. Players trade goods and develop industry to meet contracts and make the most money. It's deep and fascinating: £60.00

Thumbnail of America cover

America (Ted Alspach and Friedemann Friese)

I'm not a fan of trivia games in general, but this one is terrific. No surprise, given the pedigree of the two designers. While players get points for the correct answer, they can also score for being close to the right one. This gives opportunities for tactical play and piggy-backing on other players' answers. And, despite the title, the questions are accessible to non-Americans: £33.00

Thumbnail of American Rails cover

American Rails (Tim Harrison)

A clever mix of stock market and railroad building – and it's not an 18xx game – makes this an intriguing game. Can you get the most out of a company before others jump on the bandwagon and buy up the shares? £27.00

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Thumbnail of Ancient Terrible Things box art

Ancient Terrible Things (Simon McGregor)

This is hugely atmospheric game of Lovecraftian horror. The players attempt to unlock ancient secrets – and thus gain points – but not awaken the eponymous beings. This is one of those games you play as much for the experience as winning: £30.00.

Thumbnail of Antarctica cover

Antarctica (Charles Chevallier)

Good looking and intriguing game of research on (exploitation of?) the southernmost continent. It's tricky to get the right actions at the right time, even without the other players getting in the way! £20.00 (£16.67 ex-VAT outside the EU)

Thumbnail of Area 51 - an alien face on the cover of a black book

Area 51 (Stefan Alexander)

Set in 1950s America, this game is about the storage facilities at Area 51. Well, all those alien bodies have to go somewhere. Players build and expand bunkers on the triangular site and fill them with alien artefacts. All the artefacts have to be stored, so players have to help their opponents while they're competing: £38.00

Thumbnail of The Arrval cover

The Arrival (Martin Wallace)

Players are Irish tribes taking over the Emerald Isle from the evil Fomori. They play their own pieces to occupy more territory and Fomori pieces to knock back the other tribes. However, they can't afford the Fomori to do too well. It's a clever, medium-weight game and these copies come with the two "Fate Stones" that were available at Spiel: £36.00

Thumbnail of Asgard cover

Asgard (Pierluca Zizzi)

Build temples and recruit warriors to support the God you've chosen. The aim is to ensure they're on the winning side at Ragnarok, the final battle. It doesn't sound easy, and it isn't. £33.00 (I also have two copies in damaged boxes at a reduced price)

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Thumbnail of Backpacks & Blisters cover

Backpacks & Blisters (Ragnar Brothers)

New edition of this great, fun game of rambling across England's Lake District. Everything that could happen on a hike is on the cards as players race to complete their tour of landmarks and get back in time for tea! Wonderful: £20.00

Thumbnail of Bamboleo box

Bamboleo (Jacques Zeimet)

This is one of my favourite dexterity games as it's so simple and so much fun! Just remove one of the odd wooden shapes from the carefully balanced board... Oops! Great fun: £50.00.

Thumbnail of cover from Barking up the Wrong Tree

Barking up the Wrong Tree (Ragnar Brothers)

An entertaining and surprisingly subtle card game from the veteran British designers. Players use their dog (and cat) cards to collect sets of trees. The first round is simple, but the game gets increasingly complex as it goes on. Amusing artwork adds to the entertainment: £10.00 £7.50.

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Thumbnail of Basilica cover

Basilica (Lukasz Pogoda)

A duel of competing medieval master masons. They may be constructing a cathedral together, but they're also trying to do better than their colleague. The cathedral is constructed by laying tiles, the different colours representing the various elements of the building. Tiles also provide special actions, but then can't be used in the construction. This gives players tricky decisions to make as they try to score more victory points. Special purchase: limited stock.

For 2 players, aged 10+, playing time 45 minutes: £17.00 (£14.17 net of tax outside the EU)

Thumbnail of Battle Cry cover

Out of stock

Battle Cry (Richard Borg)

This is the original game in what has become known as the "Commands & Colors" series. It's a simple(-ish) wargame that covers battles of the American Civil War. Revamped for 150th anniversary of the start of the war in 2011, it remains a firm favourite of mine: £40.00.

Thumbnail of Beer & Pretzels cover

Beer & Pretzels (Ted Alspach)

A light-hearted dexterity game of chucking 'beermats' about! It's great, silly fun and there's a sly tactical element, too: £22.00.

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Thumbnail of Black Box+ cover

Black Box+ (Eric Solomon)

The classic two-player game of deduction. One player tries to work out the puzzle their opponent has set in the eponymous box. This edition includes the original Black Box and the even more taxing Black Box+. Brain-melting: £20.00

Thumbnail of Bolide box

Bolide expansions (Alfredo Genovese)

Two expansions for this innovative car racing game from Ghenos Games in Italy. What makes it tricky is that each move is constrained by the car's existing momentum. It makes cornering tricky and shows the benefits of the racing line. The expansions provide four more tracks to race on: £12.00/£13.00.

Thumbnail of Bomarzo box art

Bomarzo (Stefano Castelli)

The intriguing visuals of this game reflect the grotesquerie of the real-life Bomarzo park. Representing gods and monsters, the statues are key to the game. Players make offerings to the statues to be able to use the action they provide. Neat mechanisms and fine artwork make for an excellent game: £33.00.

Thumbnail of Bonnie and Clyde cover

Bonnie and Clyde (Mike Fitzgerald)

A 'Mystery Rummy' game set around the eponymous outlaws. Players collect sets of cards to build evidence against them, but will Bonnie and Clyde escape the FBI this time? £18.00

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Thumbnail of Bora Bora box art

Bora Bora (Stefan Feld)

A clever Stefan Feld game of expanding your tribe across a South Seas archipelago. There are a lot of options to decide between and you need to do this right from the start to get the final bonuses: £40.00.

Thumbnail of Buccaneer Bones box

Buccaneer Bones (Kris Gould)

Described by the designer as a quick little dice game, which is absolutely correct. The pirate theme helps make this an entertaining 10 minutes of dice rolling. Good fun: £6.00.

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Thumbnail of Cafe Melange box

Café Melange (Stephan Riedel)

This is a game of logic set in Viennese café society in 1910. Players score points by seating personalities of the time in the eponymous café and placing their own people at the same tables. It's clever, subtle stuff: £27.00.

Thumbnail of Can't Stop box

Can't Stop (Sid Sackson)

The classic push-your-luck game is back in a new edition from Gryphon Games. Roll the dice, move your pieces and decide: settle for what you've got and pass the dice or roll again – and possibly lose it all? You can't stop! Great fun: £28.00.

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Thumbnail of Candy Crave box

Candy Crave/Futterneid (Friedemann Friese)

A light, entertaining game from one of my favourite game designers, Candy Crave is all about getting the most valuable sweets. The tricky bit is that players don't know exactly what the sweets are worth until they've collected them. Trickier than you think: £15.00.

Thumbnail of Carpe Astra boxart

Carpe Astra (Ted Cheatham and Jackson Pope)

An entertaining tile-laying and networking game. Players struggle to acquire the backing to become galactic Emperor. Of course, they can also do down their opponents: £18.00 (last copy).

Thumbnail of Carthago box

Carthago: Merchants & Guilds (Ralph Bienert and Bernd Eisenstein)

Clever development of Porto Carthago, this has players as traders in ancient Carthage. As well as buying and selling, they aim to gain influence in the city's guilds. The winner will be whoever's done best across both: £28.00

Thumbnail of Ca$h'n Guns cover

Out of stock

Ca$h'n Guns (Ludovic Maublanc)

A bonkers game of waving foam rubber guns about as gangsters squabble over dividing the loot. The bullets don't always fly, so there's an element of bluff involved, too. It's great fun and good to have this second edition: £20.00.

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Thumbnail of More Cash'n More Guns cover

Ca$h'n Guns: More Ca$h'n More Guns (Ludovic Maublanc)

It does what it says on the lid: more guns and more cash for the hugely entertaining Ca$h'n Guns (second edition). It also adds some new special powers to increase the mayhem. £12.00.

Thumbnail of Casrtles of Mad King Ludwig box art

Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Ted Alspach)

Players are architects laying out their designs for the King. They score points for the ways their selected rooms, corridors and spaces connect (or not). A clever sort-of-auction mechanism decides who gets what pieces: £43.00.

Thumbnail of Championship Formula Racing cover

Championship Formula Racing (Douglas Schulz)

This is a terrific motor racing game (inspired by the venerable Speed Circuit).It's actually pretty simple. Until the other cars get in the way, damn them! I have the 'retailer exclusive' edition, which is slightly different from the standard game (more tracks, for a start): £50.00

Thumbnail of Chariot Race cover

Chariot Race (Matt Leacock)

Two laps around the Circus Maximus will win you this dice-based race game. The dice let you speed up, slow down, change lane or repair damage to your chariot. The damage can come from players chucking spears at each other... Oh, it's not just a race: £17.00

Thumbnail of Chelsea box art

Chelsea (John Ede)

A neat tactical game where the players are rich Chelsea families setting up their offspring in their own homes. To get the most points, however, players have to share a house. Not too deep, but still challenging: £20.00.

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