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Close to Critical

This is the seventh postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in my games magazine, To Win Just Once. This is the web version of the final turn. Follow the link for an introduction to Star Trader.

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Star Trader game 7 – Game End Statements


I still feel that I am learning how to play Star Trader, and was pleased that I managed to achieve 3rd in terms of overall corporation value, even though I trailed in in 6th and last in the all-important cash terms. I suspect that I need to take a greater risk in the early stages by taking on board some debt to get up and running - something to try for next time - and to spend more time and money buying commodities to ship around the system as well. The accidental NMR didn't help me either, but I'm looking forward to learning from these lessons for the next game.

Congratulations to Mike Dyer on his win, and thanks to Mike Dommett for running the game.

MD: Taking on debt seems important, but you have to make money with the debt. If the loan is costing 18 HTs a turn, you want to be making over 18 HTs a turn profit for the length of the loan or you are going backwards. Money spent on Agents and Connections hopefully is going to pay off.

I still swear by buying cheap and selling dear as a sensible way to play. To do a lot of this you need two or more ships and this requires a loan that then has to be paid back.


Firstly, we were robbed by that slimey two-ball Mike 'The Fist' Dyer. He lay the law down on us, so we had to hide, the dirty rat that he was. Looks like he had the show all wrapped weeks ago, so I suppose credit to him (well lots of credits to him). At least we shut down Paul "The Kingpin" Evans on Mu Hercules. Thanks to Mike "The Duke" Dommett for running the show, Mark "the Don" Cowper, VP, Cosa Nostra Pizza.
[OOC: game finished way too soon, criminal game quite fun, count me in for the next one.]

SAILCAT (Corp C) M Dyer

Well I'd like to take credit for some 'clever strategy' but Sailcat just played a straight trading game on Alloys and Isotopes with a few cheap haulers. The win was all down to some lucky early turns where three nice OPs paid off - a whacking 700 HTs in booty by turn 9. I was getting far too comfortable counting my coins after that, so the loss of the loaded Clara to Costa Nostra pirates was a bit of a shock!

Well played, Paul, with 7 Corp that really could have taken the game there. Thanks to everyone for a great game, and cheers to Mike for running the show.

THE 7 CORPORATION (Corp D) Paul Evans

As usual, my strategy was to trade in low volume goods - Monopoles and Spice - so that I didn't need big ships with lots of cargo pods and to buy factories as cash became available. Another element to my strategy was hiring Agents early with a view to exploiting their talents through the game. Getting Crip was really useful for his ability to manipulate a market. I have toyed with the idea of making specific agents available on turns, and allowing the highest bidder for each agent to take them.

The final element was to buy a streamlined Piccolo ship, with an eye to using Agent Badger for any Tempus-smuggling opportunities. Sadly none appeared.

Apart from this, the strategy appeared to work. I reckoned I was marginal on hitting the 2,000 HTs in Turn 13, so I gave it one more turn to be more certain of crossing the line. I wasn't expecting SMF to cash up. And I certainly didn't realise that Sailcat was that far ahead! Well played, Mike. Now, what was behind that 1,000 HT jump in Sailcat's value in turn 10?

MD: He had taken a couple of useful Opportunity Chits. There's always a gamble on Opportunity Chits. SMF spent three Quarters (turns) sat on planet with an OP chit, nervous of a ship in System Space that he was unaware had no intention of intercepting him. Using unstreamlined/non-Battle Comm Pod-equipped ships is also a risky way to play.

Thanks to all for another good game and especially to Mr Dommett for Gming


MD: Martin is having server problems and real life difficulties. He apologises for his lack of a GES, and insists he was foiled.

AVERY & SONS (Corp F) P Orwat

Congratulations to the winner! Thank you all for the good game!

I planned to play this one as a smuggler (hence the Corporation and ship names), however without measurable success. Sailcat action in turn 5, a pathetic 100 HT earned on the only one big smuggling action and useless agent hires were the key factors to my defeat. Better luck next time, I hope. Yes, the hiring of agents is luck, and presumably in the original game is set as such, because some agents are 'better' than others for trade or smuggling.

Mike, thank you, count me in for the next game.

GM Notes (M Dommett)

The game normally lasts at least 4 more Quarters/turns, it has to be said. I wasn't aware SAILCAT was doing so well. It was good to see everyone contributing. Luck and seizing profitable Opportunity Chits paid off for SAILCAT and less so for others. No one seemed to get trading badly wrong, which is good. Understanding how the supply/demand marker works is very important.

If anyone wants to sign on for a new game, please let me or Pevans know. If there are enough players, we'll use the expanded game, which has eight star systems.