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Close to Critical

This is the seventh postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in my games magazine, To Win Just Once. This is the web version of the turn. Follow the link for an introduction to Star Trader.

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Star Trader game 7 – Turn 13

Sections: Report, Press, Corporation Table, News, GM Notes, Star map (separate page), PDF map (85k)

    "Damn, ship on screen!"
    "Can we evade?"
    "Punching in emergency hyperjump."
    "Too lateeeeeeee..."

The mysterious ship in Mu Herculis System Space has struck at last. Having hung there for two quarters, some ships jumped for the system, and the interceptor struck. SAILCAT was the only target and, while the Gloria avoided interception, the Clara did not. Attempting an Emergency Hyperjump proved fruitless and the disorientated ship surrendered, along with its cargo of Isotopes, to COSTA NOSTRA PIZZA.

Trading started at Gamma Leporis where AVERY & SONS bought 5 Alloys on Contract.

At Epsilon Eridani MARATHON MANIACS sold 4 Isotopes at 5 HTs each and SAILCAT then sold 3 at 4 HTs apiece. MARATHON MANIACS also sold 10 Spice for 8 HTs each and became Market Manager, with all the advantages that provides.

AVERY & SONS and SAILCAT both sold Alloys on Contract at Tau Ceti, though SAILCAT only had one to sell. SAILCAT also sold 5 of their Isotope stockpile at the current low price on Contract.

SAILCAT gained a Contractorship at Mu Herculis when selling 12 Alloys for 4 HTs each. They then sold 5 Isotopes for 8 HTs apiece, leaving THE 7 CORPORATION to benefit from selling the same number at the Contract price of 12. AVERY & SON bought 5 Monopoles on Contract, though the news of the production breakthrough may not bring them much cheer.

Sigma Draconis saw THE 7 CORPORATION buying 5 Isotopes on Contract and SWISS MERCENARY FLEET selling 11 Monopoles for 17 HTs each to gain a Dealership. AVERY & SONS bought Spice on Contract, but COSTA NOSTRA PIZZA bid 9, bought 10 Spice at that price and gained a Dealership.

Finally, at Beta Hydri, AVERY & SON sold 11 Isotopes for 4 HTs each and took a Contractorship. THE 7 CORPORATION sold 5 Monopoles on Contract and AVERY & SONS sold 12 Spice for 12 HTs each, gaining a second Contractorship in the same system.

SAILCAT sold ships: Norma at Gamma Leporis and Gloria at Mu Herculis. They also sold a warehouse at Epsilon Eridani and intended to sell the lost ship, Clara. The result, despite both ships realising at least 100% of their cost, left SAILCAT agonisingly short of 2,000 HT and with its ambitions now obvious to all.

COSTA NOSTRA PIZZA paid to improve their Reputation, selling their piracy as an attempt to slow down SAILCAT's increasing market dominance and suggesting it had been achieved by SAILCAT's dubious processes. The effect was slightly spoiled by obviously false leaks suggesting that the sabotage on THE 7 CORPORATION had intended to be blamed on SAILCAT, even if they did raise their Political Connections.

SWISS MERCENARY FLEET opted to go last in turn order, sold the Naginta when it arrived at Mu Herculis at a profit, launched Naginta II at Tau Ceti, and immediately laid down a third Piccolo Hull, Naginta III at Tau Ceti Shipyards. Is there a pattern developing here, or is the Grand Fromage merely setting a trap?

AVERY & SONS put their ship into safe berth at Beta Hydri and bought and sold a pod or two behind the security. They also spent money improving their Political Connections.

MARATHON MANIACS and THE 7 CORPORATION were relatively quiet this Quarter.

Corporation Table

Corporation letter and name Connections Bus/Crim/Pol Init'v Bid Turn Order Cash Rep'n Player
A Marathon Maniacs 10 0 0 0 4th 732 34 Andrew Burgess
B Costa Nostra Pizza 6 5 2 0 2nd 128 14 Mark Cowper
C Sailcat 10 0 7 0 5th 1986 40 Mike Dyer
D The 7 Corporation 9 4 5 0 3rd 850 40 Paul Evans
E Swiss Mercenary Fleet 8 7 2 0 6th 449 40 Martin Jennings
F Avery & Sons 10 8 2 5 1st 376 40 Prezemek Orwat
N under Initiative Bid means No move received, F indicates the Corp was floated


EV 7 took place this turn - a breakthrough in Monopole production.

There were three new News chits this turn. The current chits (new ones in bold) are as follows.
Turn 14: P3
Turn 15: P5, C4
Turn 16: B5
Turn 17: P3

(Chits are identified by the Connection type and level required to see them and disappear/take effect in the News Phase of the turn listed.)

GM Notes

SAILCAT failed to reach the 2,000 HTs cash in hand this turn, but I can see next turn he must, so I expect next turn to be the last in this game. (I could be wrong, but it would have to be an unlikely event.) In the event of two or more Corporations passing 2,000 HTs, the one with the most cash in hand will be the winner.

Please look at your player sheets. Without hard copies to print off, mistakes are possible. Please raise any discrepancies ASAP.

I will try and produce a spreadsheet of player turn values by next issue which I will send direct to players. If the game ends next turn, please start thinking about how the GM or other Corporations ruined your chances for glory in your Game End Statements (GES) for the issue following.

Agents still available: Dragon, Dwarf, JB, Tender, Willy.