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Antarctica cover: a high-tech base amidst the iceAntarctica

The game is about research and exploitation on the continent, which is divided into several segments. As the sun moves round, players get the chance to move one of their ships and then take an action, depending on where the ship ends up.

In this way they can build ships, recruit scientists, erect buildings or conduct research in various fields (represented by tracks on the board). This last action can trigger bonuses or extra actions for all players. At the end of the game, players will score points according to how many scientists they have in each area, what buildings they’ve constructed and what they’ve researched. In a neat touch, players can discard resources during the game – hampering their progress – to get bonus points at the end.

As well as wooden playing pieces, Antarctica features neat cardboard ‘buildings’ which make it a visually appealing game, especially as the continent fills up. There are clearly lots of tactical opportunities in the game and I look forward to trying it.

For 2-4 players, aged 10+, playing time 45-90 minutes: £20.00 (£16.67 ex-VAT outside the EU).

In stock

was designed by Charles Chevallier and is published by Argentum.

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