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Cover art from Area 51: Top Secret - a file cover marked "Top Secret" with the face of a grey alienArea 51: Top Secret

As we all know, Area 51 is where the alien bodies, spaceships and equipment are kept. But they can't just be left out in the open. Highly secure storage is required: not just to protect the artefacts from prying eyes, but to stop them getting away (though that last is my idea).

Players compete to build the most secure and largest bunker. They score points for the size and danger rating of what they store. However, when they take a batch of artefacts, there are strict rules for what goes where, which may mean some of them go into other players' bunkers…

Apart from expanding their bunker and improving their security, players can add transport, which lets them move artefacts about the Area 51 complex – very useful at the right time. There's lots to think about, decisions to make and plenty of competition from the other players.

For 2-6 players, aged 10+, playing time 60 minutes: £38.00 £25.00 to clear (or make me an offer...) (£20.83 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

Area 51
was designed by Stefan Alexander and is published by Mücke Spiele

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