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Cover of Backpacks & Blisters: walking boots, chocolate and a rucksack against a Lakeland landscapeBackpacks & Blisters

Whoo-hoo! A new edition of the Ragnars' great game of walking in the Lake District. As it says on the box, this is all the trials and tribulations of hiking without actually having to do it!

So, the aim is to get round a list of landmarks and back to your guest house in time for tea. Stay out too late and the rescue teams come to look for you! It's powered by card play, moving along the recognised paths with the option of taking a ferry across a lake if you have the cash. There's fortifying chocolate to be eaten (Kendal mint cake, anyone?), compasses to be used and the heavy rucksack to be coped with (passing it to someone else is the recognised tactic). Plus, of course, the vagaries of the weather to deal with.

This new edition has a few revisions from the original, including a solitaire game. Cards and mounted board are in full colour and the playing pieces are wooden. And the illustration on the box is much the same as the original, only in colour as well. I am so pleased to see this old favourite back.

For 1-6 players, aged 14+, playing time 60 minutes: 20.00 (16.67 without tax outside the EU)

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Backpacks & Blisters
was designed and published by the Ragnar Brothers

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