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Cover art from Brass: an 18th century engineer against a background of railways and factoriesBrass

Martin Wallace's challenging business game, Brass, is a game of two halves. The game is about the Industrial Revolution and particularly the cotton industry in Lancashire. Players open coal mines, refine iron ore and produce cotton to ship to foreign parts (well, outside Lancashire). Each of these scores points, though the most valuable (and difficult) is a Shipyard.

In the first part of the game, players build canals for transport. Then they switch to the railways and things really take off and a lot more coal is used. The trick is to develop your technology and build the more valuable industries. And to take advantage of what the other players are doing.

It is a tricky game to get to grips with initially, but it's one I've been playing constantly since it was published in 2007.

For 3-4 players, aged 13+, playing time 2 hours: 40.00

Out of stock

was designed by Martin Wallace and originally published by Warfrog. A new edition is planned for 2017.

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