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Cambridge Games Factory logo - a green spanner crossed with black dice bearing the letters C, G and F in greenCambridge Games Factory

Ed Carter has previous, as they say. Back in the Nineties he produced a neat little card game called Kersplatt!. Now, older and based in the US (and, possibly, wiser), he has set up Cambridge Games Factory. The company aims to publish good family games and provide an opportunity to new games designers.

Its first set of games ranged from the children's game of Sneeze to the rather more challenging strategies of Glory to Rome. It continues to produce card games that are fun, challenging or both. Read more about Cambridge Games Factory on the company's website.

The table below lists the Cambridge Games Factory games available from Games from Pevans. Click on the title or picture to find out more about them.

Thumbnail of Glory to Rome artwork

Out of stock

Glory to Rome I.V (Carl Chudyk)

Players gain 'influence' by adding new buildings to the re-construction of Rome. They have to get their heads round the multiple uses of the cards and work out how best to use them. A clever, strategic card game, now in its second edition: 18.00.

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