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Chelsea box art: a brightly coloured sports car outside a row of town housesThe London Borough of Chelsea is famous for its expensive houses and top of the range cars, and is home to many rich people. The children of six of these Chelsea residents have reached adulthood and are looking to find partners and set up homes of their own.

However, the children have strong colour preferences. The Redwood children donít like red, the Bluebells donít like blue, the Greenwoods donít like green and so on. The constraints on what players can do gives them a challenge in making the right move for their position, while giving them opportunities to restrict their opponents' options.

In this thought-provoking game, each player takes the role of one family and aims to be the first to set up all their children for their adult life. This will involve repainting houses and garages and buying and exchanging cars until your children are happily installed in their new home.

For 3-6 players, aged 8+, playing time 45 minutes: special offer £20.00 (or make me an offer...) (£16.67 without UK tax outside the EU)

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was designed by John Ede and is published by Prime Games
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