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Cover of The Cousins' War (2nd ed): a battle scene from the Wars of the RosesThe Cousins' War (2nd ed)

Now in a larger box, with large-format cards, there is some real complexity to this take on the Wars of the Roses. The players represent the noble houses of Lancaster (red rose) and York (white) as they compete militarily and politically for control of 15th century England. They play cards to gain influence and troops before meeting in a climactic battle each round.

The really clever bit is the dice-based bluffing mechanism (think Liars' Dice) that decides the battle, whittling away the troops until one side has left the field. If one player can control all the regions of England, they win outright; otherwise it's the player with most influence after five rounds (50 years of history).

This is a clever, subtle game that plays quickly and keeps your attention throughout. The second edition includes the Events cards that were originally published as an expansion to the first edition.

For 2 players, aged 12+, playing time 30 minutes: 16.00 (13.33 tax free outside the EU)

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The Cousins' War
was designed by David Mortimer and is published by Surprised Stare.

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