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El GauchoCover art from El Gaucho: a wild-eyed cowboy swrls a lasso as equally wild-eyed cows watch across a fence

This is a fun game of cattle herding (and occasional rustling!) on the Argentinian pampas – the Gaucho of the title is, of course, the Argentinian for "cowboy". Players use their 'meeple' pawns (their gauchos) to acquire cows (square tiles). These must be grouped into herds by colour/breed and can be sold to earn points.

Of course, it's not that simple. To start with, players can only deploy their pawns according to the values available on the dice – rolled by the first player at the start of the round. Or they can place a gaucho on a ranch building to use its special action – next turn. These let players steal a cow, add one to the middle of a herd, get a bonus when they sell or several other options.

The result is a game that is great fun while presenting players with a challenge. Hobby gamers will regard it as lightweight fun and it's a cracking game for family play.

Note: my remaining copies are in German and I provide English rules with them – there are no language-dependent components in the game.

For 2-4 players, aged 10+, playing time 60 minutes: £19.00 (£15.83 outside the EU)

In stock

El Gaucho was designed by Arve Fühler and is published by Argentum

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