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Cover of Fields of Green: a farming landscapeFields of Green

This is one of my hits from the 2016 Spiel games fair though I missed it at the show. It's very simple: each turn, you lay a square tile to expand your (modern day) farm with fields, buildings and equipment.

The tricky thing is that some tiles will require other things to be nearby. Thus some animals need grain, which in turn requires water. The other tricky thing is that they score points depending on what other things are nearby. Your points for those animals may depend on how many of them are together each with their requirement for grain and thus a water supply.

The really tricky thing is that you're only drawing a few tiles each round, so you have to make your decisions on where to put everything based on imperfect knowledge. And should you leave room in case you pick up more of those animals?

This is a really clever, tricky game that requires planning and a bit of luck. It's enhanced by the bright, clear artwork.

For 2-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 45 minutes: 35.00 (29.17 tax free outside the EU)

In stock

Fields of Green
was designed by Vangelis Bagiartakis and is published by Artipia.

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