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Cover of A Fistful of Penguins: the penguins look worried as the other animals surround themA Fistful of Penguins

This is a delightful and entertaining dice game. The aim is to gather animals for your zoo. Your 'earnings' are based on the types and combinations of animals you display. And penguins are wild! (Who doesn't love 'em?)

The problem is that the animals shown on the dice you roll may not go well together. Lions, for example, tend to eat the other creatures! But they are a big draw. Kangaroos are worth more the more of them you have. And every moose must be matched with a squirrel! Penguins can be used (in a later round) to add dice or re-roll them.

The basic game is entertaining, family fun. The 'Advanced' rules add a trading element, with other players offering extra dice to the current player for a price. This gives players a lot more to think about and leaves them with some tricky decisions. It's a clever game that I thoroughly enjoy.

And it has penguins.

For 1-6 players, aged 8+, playing time 15 minutes: 10.00 (8.33 outside the EU)

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A Fistful of Penguins
was designed by Jonathan Franklin and published by Wattsalpoag

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