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Cover of Forbidden Sky: industrial buildings on the floating platform with stormy skies in the backgroundForbidden Sky

Floating high in the sky, in the middle of an electrical storm, is a mysterious platform. It's up to the players to explore the platform and construct the electrical circuit needed to launch their escape rocket. The problems are twofold: getting struck by lightning or getting blown off the platform.

This is another ingenious co-operative family game from the master and features a real electrical circuit for players to complete. It's also the largest and most complex of the Forbidden… series.

I also have the game's predecessors: Forbidden Island (it's sinking!) and Forbidden Desert (less water, more sand).

For 2-5 players, aged 10+, playing time 60 minutes: £32.00 (£26.67 outside the EU)

In stock

Forbidden Sky
was designed by Matt Leacock and is published by Gamewright

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