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Box art from The Foreign King: His Majesty surveys a landscape of brick factories with smoking chimneysThe Foreign King

Don't let the small size of the box fool you, there's a cracking game inside. The theme is the industrial development of the new nation of Belgium under its first king, imported from Germany.

Players are industrialists, constructing factories in the country's regions, sending their representatives to the National Congress and currying favour with the new ruler. The key thing that limits them are just what actions are available to them each round. Players can't take the same action twice, nor take one that's occupied by another player's pawn.

There's also the geography of the country to consider. Initially, it doesn't much matter where you place things. By the time you're halfway through the game, it becomes crucial just what goes where. It is a clever, entertaining game that really makes you think.

For 2-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 60 minutes: 22.00 15.00 to clear (12.50 outside the EU) or make me an offer...

In stock

The Foreign King
was designed by Javier Garcia and is published by Giochix

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