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The cover of the Candy Crave boxCandy Crave (Futterneid)

This may be a little game it only takes 15-20 minutes to play and aimed at family play, but it is still challenging. The idea is that players are trying to collect the most valuable sweets from the five bowls on the table (you could use real sweets, but the game provides cardboard lollipops, chocolates and liquorice).

The problem is that nobody knows just how much each type of sweet is worth. Everybody has placed one marker against each bowl and this will contribute to the final cost. However, nobody knows just what the values will be until all the sweets have been collected. What you can do is guess what other players think from which sweets they want. Or are they bluffing?

Candy Crave is a clever and entertaining, light-hearted game that can be a challenge for gamers and fun for families.

For 2-5 players, aged 8+, playing time 10 minutes: 15.00 (12.50 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

Candy Crave was designed by Friedemann Friese and is published by 2F Spiele

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