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Cover of Great Western Trail: a montage of Wild West imagesGreat Western Trail

Another complex game from the designer of Mombasa, this one features cowboys, Injuns and railroads how can you resist?

It's a difficult game to summarise. Essentially, players move their cowboy meeple along the trail across the Wild West towards Kansas City. Yee-haa! The places they stop at along the way let them perform actions, such as constructing another building (placing a tile) on the trail, adding more cows (cards) to their herd or extending the range of their railroad (moving their locomotive piece along the track on the edge of the board).

Along the way they'll have natural obstacles and hostile natives to deal with even before the other players get involved. Once they get to KC, they sell their cattle, shipping them as far down the railroad as they can, place more markers on the board and move their cowboy back to the start. The markers will eventually trigger the end of the game (so it will go faster the faster players move along the trail).

There's a lot to think about and lots of different strategies to try in this clever, intricate game.

For 2-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 2 hours: 33.00 (27.50 without tax outside the EU)

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Great Western Trail
was designed by Alexander Pfister and is published by eggertspiele

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