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Cover of Haspelknecht: rugged labourers hewing coal in a rural landscapeHaspelknecht

The sub-title is "The Story of Early Coal Mining" and this is the theme of the game. Not just any early coal mining, but 16th century coal mining in Germany's Ruhr. However, players are actually farmers who find coal seams coming to the surface on their land. The challenge facing them is exploiting this new resource while continuing to run their farm.

Initially, players can collect the surface coal, but when this runs out they must start digging deeper to get more. To do this, they must first develop the technology that will let them do this (the 'technology tree' can be different each time you play). And then they must cope with the water seeping in to their ever deeper mine. Not to mention continuing to pay food to the lord of the manor.

While this is a complex game, players' options each turn are limited by the workers they have available, their resources and money. They may even hire specialist coal miners including the eponymous Haspelknecht, whose job is hauling the baskets of coal (or buckets of water) to the surface. Players have hard decisions to make, but can pursue very different routes to winning the game maybe you don't need to mine coal at all!

For 2-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 60-90 minutes: 36.00 (30.00 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

was designed by Thomas Spitzer and is published by Quined Games

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Cover of Haspelknecht: the Ruhr Valley - miners at work with river barges in the backgroundHaspelknecht: the Ruhr Valley

This expansion takes the development of coal mining further. To begin with, it includes extra development tiles which can simply be mixed in with the tiles in the base game. Another set of tiles adds a fifth level of developments, providing further sophistication in players' mines.

New player boards allow players to dig deeper mines. However, they will need to invest in iron pit props to support the deeper mines and water channels to help remove water more quickly. (Note that this also extends the length of the game.)

These three elements can be mix 'n' matched as players prefer and provide plenty of variety for those familiar with the base game.

For 2-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 90-120 minutes (with base game): 24.00 (20.00 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

Haspelknecht: the Ruhr Valley
was designed by Thomas Spitzer and is published by Quined Games

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