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The cover of Indian Summer: vibrant autumn leaves against bleached woodIndian Summer

This is a sequel to Cottage Garden, though a weightier game, both physically and in gameplay. As with the first game, Indian Summer has a lot of differently-shaped tiles to fit into a square grid (the tiles are made up of squares, like Tetris shapes). However, this time the colours are the reds, golds and russets of autumn.

Playing Indian Summer: my player board is almost full - and I've got the badger

The tiles represent fallen leaves, which players will play onto the grid of the 'forest floor', ideally positioning the hole in each tile to show the pre-printed 'treasures'. The aim is to be the first to completely fill your board which makes the generally available one-square 'squirrel' tiles very handy. Treasures are useful, too, as they give you extra actions and they're the tie-breaker if more than one person fills their board.

The game is a pleasure to play, with the gorgeous colours of the pieces making it a delight to look at.

For 1-4 players, aged 10+, playing time 15 minutes/player: 32.00 (26.67 without tax outside the EU)

The photo (by Pevans) shows my 'Forest Floor' board towards the end of a game (I have the badger!)

In stock

Indian Summer
was designed by Uwe Rosenberg and is published by Spielwiese and Pegasus

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