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Cover of the AEG edition of Junta: the El Presidente looks impassive as his Ministers prepare knives behind his backJunta

"It's been a bad, bad year!" Yes, the traditional cry of the (current) President-for-Life as he surveys the aid budget before suggesting how to divide between his Ministers and Generals. For those that aren't satisfied, there's only one solution: start a coup! Traditionally this is led by the Admiral of the Navy ordering the gunboats to shell the Presidential palace.

Junta is huge, cynical fun as the players try to salt away as much as they can in their Swiss bank accounts. The money comes from the annual aid budget (cards drawn at random at the start of each round). Players make their case for a share, but then need to get to the bank to deposit their cash a prime opportunity for an assassin to strike. The fun really begins when there's an excuse for a coup (such as visiting your HQ).

The original edition of Junta (back in 1978) was gloriously chaotic. Later editions tidied up the rules and made game play more structured, but kept the wonderful fun. You just can't start a coup every round. AEG have continued the fun with this new (2015) edition.

For 2-7 players (better with more), aged 16+, playing time 3-4 hours: 30.00 Special offer 24.00 (20.00 ex-VAT outside the EU)

In stock

was designed by Eric Goldberg, Ben Grossman and Vincent Tsao and this edition is published by AEG

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