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Cover from Keyper: the Key... countryside and charactersKeyper

The latest in Richard Breese's Key... series of games each different, but all excellent. This one is high on player interaction (like the first Key... game) through the game's mechanisms, while also being a worker placement game (like the second). It also owes something to the previous Key... game, Keyflower.

Players use their differently-coloured worker pawns ("keyples", as the game has it) to amass resources and take actions. They can choose to work with other players' keyples of the same colour, rewarding both participants. This on its own gives players lots of decisions to make.

On top of this, the boards on which the keyples are placed can be folded between rounds (seasons) into different configurations. It all sounds absolutely fiendish which is no surprise.

I have the standard edition of the game (the Kickstarter launch included a "Character" edition with special figure pieces).

For 2-4 players, aged 14+, playing time 90-120 minutes: 62.00 (51.67 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

was designed by Richard Breese and published by R&D Games

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