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Kosmonauts box artI was first attracted by the game board's bold colours, showing the orbits of the planets around the solar system. However, this is not an intricate, realistic simulation of space travel like High Frontier, but a fast-playing race game.

Each player starts with their rocketship at Earth and aims to race round the solar system, visiting (nearly) all the planets. Two things make this tricky. First, the planets (and comet) move in their orbit each round. So you’re aiming at where the planet/comet will be when you arrive.

The second tricky bit is that movement is Newtonian. The ships continue moving in the direction they’re going, unless players modify this by using up some of their fuel. It’s a little tricky to get your head round at first.

Players get points for visiting the planets and comet, according to the order they arrive. The game ends once one player has returned to Earth, giving the others a couple of rounds to complete their trips. Kosmonauts is good fun and makes you think a bit.

For 2-4 players, aged 8+, playing time 60 minutes, I have one copy left in a dented box: £20.00 (£16.67 outside the EU)

In stock

Kosmonauts displayed at Spiel '12Kosmonauts on display at Spiel '12 (Photo by Mike Dommett)

Kosmonauts was designed by Nadezhda Penkrat and Yuri Yamshchikov and published by Mesa Board Games

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