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The label from the tube Legacy is packed inLegacy

Legacy was my find of the 2013 UK Games Expo. It's a game of competing ideologies as well as territory grabbing. The theme is political players are gaining the support of the regions, not conquering them. They get points for each region held and for each ideology (card) played and the first Playing Legacy at the 2013 UK Games Expoplayer to a set number of points wins. Ideally, your ideologies will help you gain territory, which will help you play more ideologies. And vice versa.

I find the game particularly appealing because it uses a printed 'tea towel' as the board reminiscent of the Ragnar Brothers' early games. On top of this, you have brightly coloured wooden pieces (though players are differentiated by shape rather than colour) and plenty of cards. There are no dice: taking over a region depends on the two players' supporting pieces, allies and card play.

Legacy has gone down well at Swiggers games club since the Expo. I find it good, chaotic fun.

For 3-5 players, aged 11+, playing time 90 minutes: 25.00 20.00 to clear (16.67 outside the EU) or make me an offer...
    (Note that Legacy comes in a tube and is not shrink-wrapped)

In stock

was designed by Aaron Billingham and Ken Nicholson and published by them as Billy-Nic Games

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    Pevans's introduction to Legacy at the 2013 UK Games Expo (PDF, 2 Mb)

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