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Cover of Loot Island: dusty treasure chests lie in an island caveLoot Island

This intriguing mediumweight game comes from Italian publisher What's Your Game? and the designer of Yunnan. This was more than enough for me to get in some copies though I've yet to play it, so my description is based on reading the rules.

The story of the game is that the players are following a treasure map to an island lost since 1640 in search of pirate gold. Ar-harr, me hearties! Each round they will play 'Map' cards from their hand, either to explore a small island (and take a bonus action) or to explore the current landing site. The landing sites will then provide 'Treasure' for those players who are there. However, taking a treasure also means taking a 'Curse', which is penalty points at the end of the game.

After just five rounds so you've got to move fast players tot up their points and see who's won. It looks like there are some interesting decisions to be made, weighing up the benefits of the treasures with the cost of the curses. Clever stuff and I look forward to trying it (when I'll update this page).

For 2-5 players, aged 10+, playing time 60 minutes: 20.00 (16.67 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

Loot Island
was designed by Aaron Haag and is published by What's Your Game?

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