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Massilia Cover art: cartoon-style drawing of a busy Roman market, overseen by the GodsMassilia

Buy and sell goods, pay taxes and make offerings to the Gods what else would you do in a busy Mediterranean port under the Roman Empire? Ah yes, build up your reputation! So these are all things you do in this game, with reputation being the way to win, of course.

Dice and money are at the heart of the game, with players using the appropriately-coloured dice to take the action they want. Or taking the appropriate action according to the dice scores available. With the option to buy dice for their own use, players have some control over what they can do each turn.

They also need money to buy goods, selling them at a profit in both money and reputation. And they can just buy reputation. The game lasts just seven rounds and players have a last chance to pick up some bonus points before the winner is declared. It's a light, entertaining game whose atmosphere is enhanced by the Asterix-style illustrations.

Each copy comes with the "Bacchus" (an extra God) and "Thief" (an additional pawn that steals and can be 'arrested' for points) mini-expansions.

For 2-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 90 minutes: 20.00 Special offer 15.00 (12.50 ex-VAT outside the EU) or make me an offer...

In stock

was designed by Alain Epron and is published by Quined

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