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Cover from The Oracle of Delphi: as the Gods look down,the oracle is surrounded by visionsThe Oracle of Delphi

As the title gives away, this game is set in Ancient Greece. Like Hercules, the players have been set a series of tasks by Zeus. The scene of each task is a different island, scattered around the sea that is the playing area. There are lots of ways of setting this out, providing some of the game's replay value.

Players' actions are limited by the answer they get when they 'consult the oracle' otherwise known as rolling dice. The colours/symbols rolled influence everybody, not just the player who rolls them. However, the game is also a race: first to complete the tasks and report back to Zeus triggers the end, but won't necessarily win.

For 2-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 90 minutes: 36.00 27.00 to clear (22.50 without tax outside the EU) (or make me an offer...

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The Oracle of Delphi
was designed by Stefan Feld and is published by Pegasus Spiele

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