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Cover of Pax Viking: Viking longships with a Mediterranean city in the backgroundPax Viking

A heavyweight addition to the Pax series, though not designed by Phil Eklund, this takes the game system to Norse lands. It concentrates on the Norse voyages to the east, taking their ships around the Black Sea and south to Persia.

Players are influential Jarls, sending out their ships to explore, to trade and to complete Sagas. How you win will depend on the 'Victory Conditions' drawn at the start of the game, so each game will have a different focus. There's a starting set of these, to ease players into their first game, a Standard set and an Advanced set for experienced players. Plus the "Eklundian [set] for the ultimate Pax Viking challenge".

My challenge is how quickly I can work up to trying those "Eklundian" goals.

For 1-6 players, aged 12+, playing time 60-90 minutes: 50.00 (41.67 without tax outside the UK)

In stock

Pax Viking
was designed by Jon Manker and is published by Ion Game Design/Sierra Madre Games

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