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The cover of Port Royal Unterwegs! - a three-masted sailing ship under full sailPort Royal Unterwegs!

While this is a stand-alone game, Port Royal Unterwegs! (Port Royal: under way!) can also be used as an expansion to its predecessor, Port Royal. It is essentially the same game, but has been pared down to play very quickly. (The publisher also suggests it as a travel version.)

The key element is still the push-your-luck card drawing and it has a different selection of people, which provides a different flavour to the game. It's these characters that can be added to the original game, too.

For 2-4 players, aged 8+, playing time 15-30 minutes: 6.50 (5.42 tax free outside the EU)

In stock

Port Royal Unterwegs!
was designed by Alexander Pfister and is published by Pegasus Spiele.

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