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Cover of Porto Carthago: galleys being loaded in Carthage portPorto Carthago

The ancient port of Carthage Rome's great rival is the setting of this game. And the port is central to the game as players dock and load ships with the goods they buy from the market. Careful planning is required here as each ship goes to a specific dock and players have to place their 'servant' pawns to get control of a dock.

Players also use their servants to take the actions available each round: claming docks, buying and moving goods and re-distributing their servants. However, players also need to make sure their ships survive their journey by placing servants in the Temple.

Porto Carthago is a clever game that gives players lots of options and thus plenty of decisions to make.

For 3-5 players, aged 12+, playing time 90 minutes: 40.00 25.00 (20.83 ex-VAT outside the EU)

In stock

Porto Carthago
was designed by Bernd Eisenstein and is published by Irongames

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