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Cover of the Snowdonia deluxe Master Set: a scematic of a mountain against a dark blue backgroundSnowdonia (deluxe Master set)

Snowdonia was my top game of 2012 and this huge package is a brilliant new edition of the game. Starting with the fundamentals, the basic game is about constructing the Tramroad railway up Mount Snowdon. Players have a limited number of workers with which to do things and need to manage and increase their stocks of rubble, stone, iron and steel. Not to mention managing what they score points for...

The tempo of the game depends on the weather (your options are limited when the fog comes down, while rain just slows things down a bit), giving you very different challenges as the weather follows a different pattern each time you play. Phew!

Now we can start getting complicated. The Master Set includes all the expansions and promos published since the original game. These move the action to different locations (the Jungfrau, the Daffodil Line...), add extra locomotives (Puffing Billy, The Candace Camille...) incorporate oddities (Mrs Larkin's Washing Machine!) and so on.

The deluxe element is the quality of the components, of course. This all makes a hefty package: a big box (it may be a standard 30 cms square, but it's 15 deep) that comes in at over 3 Kgs. Phew again!

Note: some of the cards were misprinted in production, but NSKN has reprinted the affected cards and I now supply a 'fix pack' with each game.

For 1-5 players, aged 10+, playing time 90 minutes: £90.00 (£75.00 outside the UK)

In stock

Snowdonia was designed by Tony Boydell (with expansion material from numerous others) and this edition is published by NSKN Games

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