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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Tables for February 1670

Index: Mistresses, Army Organisation, Brigades, Regiments, Frontier Regiments and Volunteers, Battle Results, Other Appointments

Femmes Fatales

No Name SL Attr. Last seen
64 Edna Bucquette 18 W PC
3 Kathy Pacific 17 B RS
54 Madelaine de Proust 17    
35 Katy Did 16 I  
42 Maggie Nifisent 16 B  
55 Jacky Tinne 16    
52 Guinevere d'Arthur 15 B/W PlS
10 Frances Forrin 14 B LdH
21 Helen Highwater 14 W  
48 Fifi 14 B/W  
62 Alison Wunderlandt 14    
11 Laura de Land 13    
16 Ophelia Derrière 13    
26 Ella Fant 13 B  
27 Lucy Fur 13 B  
30 Leia Orgasma 13 B  
45 Cath de Thousands 13    
8 Lotte Bottle 12 B  
12 Charlotte de Gaulle 12   FSdM
17 Henrietta Carrotte 12 I/W UXB
28 Vera Cruz 12   WNM
31 Bess Ottede 12 I/W  
1 Sue Briquet 11 B  
4 Anne Tique 11 W  
9 Deb Onairre 11 I  
No Name SL Attr. Last seen
40 Sheila Kiwi 11   CC
63 Carole Singeurs 11    
20 Emma Roides 10 I CLD
33 Anna Rexique 10 I X1
38 Pet Ulante 10 W  
43 Di Lemmere 10 I  
53 Angelina de Griz 10 B JZ
56 Ingrid la Suède 10    
6 Viv Ayschus 9    
57 Ava Crisp 9 I  
59 May Banquot l'Idée 9    
2 Betty Kant 8 I XM
19 Jenny Russe 8 W  
32 Sal Munella 8 W  
41 Marie Antoinette 8 B/I  
49 Mary Huana 8 B/I/W JD
34 Freda de Ath 7 W  
39 Thomasina Tancenjin 7 I  
50 Ulla Leight 7 I  
5 Belle Epoque 6 B/I  
13 Josephine Buonoparte 6 I/W  
24 Violet Bott 6 I/W  
15 Ada Andabettoir 5 B/I BdZ
25 Lois de Lô 5 B  

SL = Social Level
Attr(ibutes): B = Beautiful, I = Influential, W = Wealthy
"Last seen" is the beau most recently seen with (in public) this month

Army Organisation and 1670's summer Deployment

Organisation and Deployment Army & Division
First Army (Field Ops) N1/N/GlS/SA2
  First Division (Field Ops) __/__/AdF
    Guards Brigade (Field Ops) – RFG CG KM
    Dragoon Brigade (Field Ops) – GDMD PLLD
  Cavalry Division (Field Ops) JdG/__/__
    Horse Guards Brigade (Field Ops) – DG QOC
    Heavy Brigade (Field Ops) – ALC CPC
Second Army (Siege) UXB/__/N1/CLD
  Frontier Division (Siege) N1/N/N3
    Frontier Regiments (Siege)
Third Army (Defence) N6/N/N2/N
  Second Division (Defence) WNM/N/N3
    3rd Foot Brigade (Defence) – 27M 4A
    4th Foot Brigade (Defence) – 69A Gascons
    RNHB Regiment (Defence)
  Third Division (Defence) __/__/N2
    1st Foot Brigade (Assault) – RM PM
    2nd Foot Brigade (Assault) – 13F 53F

Military Organisation and Campaign Season Deployment
with Army & Divisional posts (Commander/Aide/Adjutant/Army Quartermaster)
ID for characters, N for NPCs (number is Military Ability, where relevant), __ for vacant.

Brigade Positions

Guards Brigade LdH/N/N5
Horse Guards Brigade TC/__/SdM
Heavy Brigade CC/N/N4
Dragoon Brigade N6/N/N6
First Foot Brigade N3/N/JD
Second Foot Brigade N4/N/N2
Third Foot Brigade N2/N/N5
Fourth Foot Brigade N5/N/N6

For each Brigade: Brigadier/Aide/Brigade Major
ID for characters, N (+ MA where relevant) for NPCs, __ for vacant.

Regiments Organisation

 Col AdA AdF DdE EB       GlS   JD+              
 LCol JJ N6 FAG FdA SdM+ N1 N6 LOUT XM N2 N4   N6 N2 N4   N3
 Maj 1 BRJS JdI N6 JE N2 N4+ N3 N3 N6   JZ N6+ N1 N5+     N6+
 Maj 2 N5+ N2   HD N1 N5 N1 N4 IM       N2+ VdC      
 Capt 1 N6 N3* N1 N3 N2 N5 N1 N3 N5 N6 N6* N3 N2 N4 N6 N2 N5
 Capt 2 N2 N2 N6 SAD N2 N5 N4 N5 N2 N1 N2 N1 N3 N1 N2 N3 N1
 Capt 3 N2 N5 N1 N6 N2* N4 N1 N6* N6 N3 N4 N5 N3 N5 N6 N6 N2
 Capt 4 N4 N2 N4 N3 N4 N4* N3* N3 N2 N4 N5 N5* N6* N4* N3* N3* N1*
 Capt 5             GS                    
 Capt 6                                  

This table shows the 10 senior positions in the 17 regiments by rank.
Entries are Character abbreviations, N (+ Military Ability) for NPCs, blank for vacant.
* shows the regiment adjutant.
+ shows ranks held by characters with a brevet rank or an appointment elsewhere.

Frontier Regiments

(Defence for Mar-May)
  F1 F2 F3 F4 RNHB
Colonel N2 N1 N1 N2 N9
Also at the front:

This table shows the Colonels of the Frontier regiments (N + MA for NPCs),
together with the volunteers assigned for the season.

Battle Results

Horse Guards Brigade: 4
  Dragoon Guards: 6
  Queen's Own Carabiniers: 3
Royal Foot Guards: 1
Cardinal's Guard: 3
King's Musketeers: 2
Royal Marines: 4
Picardy Musketeers: 5
Frontier regiment 1: 5
Frontier regiment 2: 5
Frontier regiment 3: 4
Frontier regiment 4: 3
RNHB regiment: 1

Other Appointments

Ensign of King's Escort N Captain of King's Escort N
Ensign of Cardinal's Escort N Captain of Cardinal's Escort N
Aide to Crown Prince N Aide to Field Marshal LOUT
Provincial Military Governors: __/N/N/N/N
City Military Governor N Adjutant-General BdLS
Inspector-General of Cavalry N Inspector-General of Infantry N
Commissioner of Public Safety DdE (until March 1670)
Chancellor of the Exchequer EB (until April 1670)
Minister of Justice CPS (until March 1670)
Minister of War BdZ (until August 1670)
Minister of State PlS (until November 1670)

This table shows who holds appointments outside military units: ID for Characters, "N" for NPC, "CPS" for other posts held by the CPS and __ for vacant.