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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Points Arising for September 1670

Players' deadline for the next turn is Friday 24th August 2018

As you may have noticed in the report, Duncan d'Eauneurts has lost his appointment as Commissioner of Public Safety as he did not convict a player character in the first six months of holding the post. The trial of Greg de Bécqueur thus lapses (as there's no prosecutor) and the Minister of State, Pierre le Sang, may appoint a new CPS – and a new Minister of Justice.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Bob Blanchett and David Brister, both of whom have been in hospital recently.

Thanks to Tim Macaire for 'retiring' Bill de Zmerchant from the game (Bill was beginning to run into Royal Displeasure). By royal command, there will be a wake for Bill next month – see Press.

Thanks, too, to Jason for more nonsense from FAG.

Absent friends

GlJ (Gavin Wright) got the benefit of the doubt and was floated

X1 (Francesca Weal) got the benefit of the doubt and was floated

X2 (Ray Vahey) was floated as Ray is buried under the workload of a new project


I'm sorry to report that, on reflection, Burt Miller has "discovered that I haven't the time I need to devote to LPBS at this time". I quite understand, Burt, and you're very welcome to return to us at a later date.


There’s a Yahoo! group for En Garde! players that provides a forum for players of different games to swap stories and ideas. Follow the link to sign up and get talking.

It is worth sending orders in even if they're a day or two late: it's possible I can still action the orders and will probably be able to use any press. It also reassures me that you're still out there.

Orders (and press) should be e-mailed to the LPBS orders e-mail address - you'll get an automated response when the message arrives in my mailbox. Please give your name and your character's name and specify actions in full (since it's without your character sheet). If you want queries answered before the deadline, e-mail the main LPBS e-mail address.