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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Information tables for June 1671

Sections: Announcements, Duels, New Characters, Trials


Greg de Bécqueur asks NPC Major 1 of King’s Musketeers to resign

Gaz Moutarde applies for Brigadier of Guards Brigade

'X2' asks NPC Lt.Colonel of 53rd Fusiliers to resign

New Characters

Bob Blanchett gets the Second son of a very wealthy Merchant: Init SL 3; Cash 500; MA 3; EC 1 (X1).

Dean Talbot gets the Bastard son of a wealthy Merchant: Init SL 2; Cash 225; MA 6; EC 3 (X3).

Nik Luker gets the Second son of an Impoverished Baron: Init SL 7; Cash 40; MA 5; EC 3 (X4).

Mark Nightingale gets the Second son of a wealthy Marquis: Init SL 8; Cash 500; MA 4; EC 2 (X5).


Results of June's duels:

Felix Anton Gauchepied'er didn't turn up to fight Hercule D'Engin and lost SPs - voted cause 10:2.

Grudges to be settled next month:

Gaz Moutarde (Cutlass, adv.) has cause with Justin Thyme (Foil, 5 rests) as he tried to court Anne.

Terence Cuckpowder (Sabre, adv.) challenges Felix Anton Gauchepied'er (Dagger, 5 rests).

“adv.” shows who (if anyone) has the advantage of higher Expertise: his first duelling sequence need only contain six actions.

Challenges to be voted on:

Terence Cuckpowder challenges Felix Anton Gauchepied'er for the lèse majesté of calling himself royal.

All duels listed above (including any to be voted on) must be fought next month. Orders conditional on a challenge being voted cause are acceptable.

Duels held over until September:

Luc Azzat versus Balzac Slapdash.