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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Points Arising for August 1671

Players' deadline for the next turn is Friday 27th September 2019

Next turn is the start of a new season. All characters start the month in Paris and all duels must be fought.

The new Military Appointments and any empty Government Appointments will be filled at the start of September – by NPCs where they are not taken by player characters. A player character with an appointment that lets him appoint another post chooses who gets this – which may be a player character, and NPC or left vacant. So, if you have applied for an appointment – or hold a rank – that allows you to make other appointments, don’t forget to do so (or NPCs will get the jobs).

Note that the military appointments shown on the Greasy Pole (and character sheets) have expired. They are shown as a reminder that the incumbent gets +1 on his chance of being appointed if he has re-applied for the same position.

Next month is September and any returns on investments will be paid out. Any shortfalls must be made good this month or the investment will be lost.

FAG’s term as Commissioner of Public Safety expires at the end of September. Anyone wishing to apply for this position should do so with their Sept orders (to be actioned at the start of October). However, Minister of State DdE may appoint anyone (who qualifies) to the position.


Sebastian Emde joined us in time for this turn. He “played En Garde! for a couple of times about 25 years ago…” Welcome to LPBS, Sebastian.

Absent friends

X1 (Martin Jennings) has been floated as Martin’s travelling for work

X2 (Nik Luker) has been floated as “real life has taken over again”


David Brister is unable to carry on with LPBS for personal reasons, so I have removed his character (AdA).


There’s a Yahoo! group for En Garde! players that provides a forum for players of different games to swap stories and ideas. Follow the link to sign up and get talking.

It is worth sending orders in even if they're a day or two late: it's possible I can still action the orders and will probably be able to use any press. It also reassures me that you're still out there.

Orders (and press) should be emailed to the LPBS orders e-mail address - you'll get an automated response when the message arrives in my mailbox. Please give your name and your character's name and specify actions in full detail. If you want a query answered before the deadline, please use the main LPBS email address.