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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Points Arising for May 1672

Players' deadline for June and July 1672 is Friday 14th August 2020

All those duels and nobody died!

June is the start of a new season. All characters start the month in Paris and all duels must be fought before anyone goes to the front. Any vacant appointments not taken by player characters will be filled by NPCs – unless a post is appointed by a player character, who may order that it is left vacant (if you have an appointment or a rank that allows you to appoint any posts, don’t forget to do this).

June is the start of the campaign season. All units listed on the “Army Organisation” table will be in action (any volunteers will serve with the Frontier regiments). Characters who are part of one of these units can only avoid active service by resigning from their regiment and/or appointment.

Next turn is the last month characters can make investments for this campaign. The return on invest-ments will be paid in September.

As most characters will be on active service for the next three months, I will run June and July back to back. Please send two sets of orders for this deadline. Orders for July may be conditional on what happens in June – if there is a major impact on any character in June, I will give the affected player a brief opportunity to modify their July orders. Replacements for anyone who dies in June will start in August and any duels caused in June will be held over until at least August.

Absent friends

I had no orders (“No Move Received”) from the following and they suffered the consequences:
    LK Lars Kristmass (Martin Jennings) has NMR'd. Total now 1


Despite his expectations, Mark Gilby finds he doesn’t really have time for LPBS and has resigned SO. Do come back when things calm down, Mark.


There’s a Yahoo! group for En Garde! players that provides a forum for players of different games to swap stories and ideas. Follow the link to sign up and get talking.

It is worth sending orders in even if they're a day or two late: it's possible I can still action the orders and will probably be able to use any press. It also reassures me that you're still out there.

Orders (and press) should be emailed to the LPBS orders e-mail address - you'll get an automated response when the message arrives in my mailbox. Please give your name and your character's name and specify actions in full detail. If you want a query answered before the deadline, please use the main LPBS email address.