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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Points Arising for September 1673

Players' deadline for October 1673 is Friday 21st January 2022

This deadline gives you a couple of weeks to get orders in. Future deadlines could be variable…

As we have a whole bunch of duels, let me remind everybody how seconding works. If you’ve been invited to second someone at their duel, it will be on your character sheet. If there’s nothing on your character sheet, you have not been invited to second anyone and cannot attend any duels.

If you want a second to support you at your duel, but haven’t nominated anyone yet, you’re too late for October’s duels.

With the two departures (below), LPBS is down to only 45 players! Please recruit anyone you think will enjoy the game – particularly if they’ve played En Garde! before. A free five-turn introductory subscription is available to anyone who wants to try the game.


I removed Dean Talbot and Mark Nightingale’s new characters as they didn’t send orders after their previous characters died without orders.

Absent friends

I had no orders (“No Move Received”) from the following and they suffered the consequences:
    X2 (Dean Talbot) has NMR'd.
    X3 (Mark Nightingale) has NMR'd.

X6 (Craig Pearson) got the benefit of the doubt and was floated.


There’s an email group for En Garde! players and GMs, providing a forum to swap stories and ideas. Sign up at:

It is worth sending orders in even if they're a day or two late: it's possible I can still action the orders and will probably be able to use any press. It also reassures me that you're still out there.

Orders (and press) should be emailed to the LPBS orders e-mail address - you'll get an automated response when the message arrives in my mailbox. Please give your name and your character's name and specify actions in full detail. If you want a query answered before the deadline, please use the main LPBS email address.