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The Mote in God's Eye

Star Trader game 10

This is the web version of the latest turn in the tenth postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in To Win Just Once, the games magazine. For an introduction to Star Trader follow the link.

Previous turns: Turn 4 Turn 3 Turn 2 Turn 1 Start-up Pre-start

Turn 5

Sections: Corporation Table, GM Notes, Map (PDF 26k), News, Press, Report

    "What's this about?"
    "Head office has said we're selling Isotopes at a big discount here at Mu Herculis."
    "Oh, are they in the warehouses?"
The two men walked towards the Warehouse doors and into the space behind. There was a distinct lack of anything.

At Gamma Leporis GAMLEPCO bought 5 Alloys on Contract as the price fell.

QUASAR sold 6 Alloys for 4 HTs each at Epsilon Eridani, but failed to sell Isotopes at 12 HTs as they were undercut by GAMLEPCO, selling 12 at 8 HTs apiece to get a Dealership. However, QUASAR sold 8 Spice for 14 HTs each and gained a Dealership in Spice.

ARCHANGEL sold one Alloy for 5 HTs at Tau Ceti and GAMLEPCO sold 5 on Contracts before buying 8 Isotopes for 7 HTs each and being made Contractors.

Mu Herculis saw prices rising as a new planet was colonised in the system. Demand for everything rose and GATES-LEARJET sold an Isotope on Contract. QUASAR offered to sell Isotopes at 13 HTs, but had to admit they didn't have any in system. MONOGRAM sold 5 more Monopoles on Contracts and appreciated the rise in receipts.

GAMLEPCO sold 2 Alloys for 4 HTs each at Sigma Draconis and bought 2 Isotopes for 3 HTs apiece, after which GATES-LEARJET bought 5 on Contracts. GAMLEPCO then bought 7 Spice at the price of 10 HTs and took a Dealership.

Beta Hydri saw GAMLEPCO unable to buy Isotopes for 7 HTs as the price rose, but they did sell 14 Alloys for 4 HTs each and became Contractors, shutting out Quasar's bid of 5 HTs to sell in the process.

MONOGRAM INDUSTRIES will be more cheerful this Quarter. After the loss of their Dagger Hull, they sneaked their Piccolo Hull past the ASSOCIATION OF INTERSTELLAR ANARCHISTS' ships at Mu Herculis and can now ship Monopoles off planet.

ARCHANGEL LINES loaded with Passengers as usual and, after selling their Flute Hull at Gamma Leporis for 90% of value, went to the Federation Bankers and repaid their loan as it became due.

GATES-LEARJET took their trip to the Banks as well, having sold the Bill at Gamma Leporis, again for 90% of Market value. However, they then took out a new 209 loan over 4 Quarters and started by laying down Steve, a Phoenix hull with Cargo and Light Weapon Pods and A class crew at Tau Ceti Shipyards.

QUASAR ENTERPRISES have their loan due next Quarter. They were quite quiet otherwise.

GAMMA LEPORIS CORPORATION decided to add additional storage and bought Warehouses at Sigma Draconis and Beta Hydri Spaceports.

Corporation table

Corporation letter and name Connections Bus/Crim/Pol Init'v Bid Turn Order Cash  Rep'n Player
A AIA 0 5 9 7 3rd 15  - Jerry Elsmore
B GamLepCo 9 0 3 0 6th 337  34 Tony Gilbert
C Quasar Enterprises 10 3 5 6 2nd 226  40 Mark Cowper
D Monogram Inds 6 0 4 0 4th 140  35 Mike Dyer
E Gates-Learjet 10 4 3 0 5th 147  40 Paul Evans
F Archangel Lines 4 0 4 15 1st 209  40 Przemek Orwat
N under Initiative Bid means No move received, F indicates the Corp was floated


EV 6 took place this turn, with prices at Mu Herculis rising as a result.

There are two new News chits this turn. The current list (new chits in bold) is:
Turn 6: C4, C7
Turn 7: B6, P3, B8
(Chits are identified by the Connection type and level required to see them and disappear/take effect in the News Phase of the turn listed.)

GM Notes

There is NO maximum capacity for loading with Monopoles, Spice or, indeed, Furs or Tempus (rule 7.1, Cargo capacity).