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Railway Rivals game 11 – Turn 12 and game end

Previous reports: Turn 11 Turn 10 Turn 9 Turn 8 Turn 7 Turn 6 Turn 5 Turn 4 Turn 3 Turn 2 Turn 1 Start-up

Race results

The last round of races and BLACK SHEEP RAILWAYS stays more than enough in front to cement First Place. STEAM MACHINES & FUNICULARS kept last place and the luck of the dice meant that TRAVELLING HOPEFULLY RAILWAY squeezed in front of ARIBA ARIBA ANDALE for 2nd place.

41 13 Abersychan 54 Ynysybwl 10 JR     10 JR
42 26 Caerphilly S4 Cardiff or Newport 20   10  
43 21 Crumlin 62 Treorchy Not run      
44 15 Brynmawr S5 Barry or Penarth 10-6     20+6
45 51 Maerdy 32 Rhymney   +8 20-8  
46 61 Treherbet S2 England   20    
47 35 Merthyr Tydfil 43 Aberaman   20-2 +2 10
48 42 Aberdare S3 Cardiff or Barry   10   20
TOTAL 34 56 24 66
JR = Joint Run; ERP = Exchange of Running Powers

Builds and points

Black Sheep Railways (BSR), Gerald Udowiczenko - Black
Builds: None
Points: 399 +56 = 455

Travelling Hopefully Rails (THOR), Jonathan Palfrey - Green
Builds: None
Points: 328 +66 = 394

Arriba Arriba Arndale (AAA), Mike Dyer - Blue
Builds: None
: 340 +34 = 374

Steam Machines & Funiculars (SMF), Martin Jennings - Red
Builds: None
Points: 210 +24 = 234

Turn 10-12 Map (PDF, 1 Mb)

Game end statements

1ST BLACK SHEEP RAILWAYS: Gerald Udowiczenko

Well... hopefully, the 59 point lead will be sufficient to keep me ahead, as the last two rounds haven't been kind to me. However, earlier rounds have been (sorry, can't recall which, but I do recall one round I got points from at least 6 races).

If I do lose, then well done to Mike (Blue - AAA), as that is quite a "comeback".

As to my winning strategy, well that was simple.. luck. I just went for all the Western Towns (or as we're talking about Wales, are they hamlets?) and got lucky with the runs.

I was a little surprised that they weren't more Joint Runs or Exchange of Running Powers, but I guess that the races just didn't fall that way.

And, lastly, many thanks to Mike for GMing the game, and as always apologies for the number of late turns (from me). But I think you'll agree, it was a vast improvement over previous games? ;o)


I found this a difficult map to cope with: I'm not used to so many mountains! After the building stage, I felt that I hadn't done badly, but I didn't seem to have gained a clear advantage.

Congratulations to Gerald, who seems unstoppable. I'd hoped that my more central position would do me good, but it hasn't worked out that way. In practice, his monopoly of the west seems to outweigh his lack of access to the centre and east.

I could have ruined his monopoly by going west myself in turn 2, but I think that would have done him harm without doing me a great deal of good, throwing the game to Mike or Martin. Can't be sure without trying it.

After turn 2, I don't know what more I could have done. Perhaps I could have pushed a line over the mountain to Tonyrefail; but, apart from that, the western mountains are fairly impenetrable: the first one there gets the monopoly.

Thanks as ever to Mike for running the game and to Paul for hosting it.


I think I could have been more active with the races, but it is my first game of RR and all good fun, so no complaints. Congrats and thanks to all players and GM. I've also learnt more about Wales than any man should have to. (You don't know where Paul Evans comes from, do you?)


Hard map to restart RR, been a long time, realised too late that you have to take a side. Congratulations to the winner and see you next time.

GM Notes

This map was, I believe, the original David Watts design for the school lessons and was, I believe, later revised. With the valleys being so narrow, the first railway could monopolise them. In reality, the later arrivals had to build tunnels and viaducts expensively to break into other companies' monopolies.

Also every second race was to a port or a connection to England. This fed back into railways advantages if they had a monopoly.

I thought STEAM MACHINES AND FUNICULARS with its diagonal route across the map might do well. It didn't.

ARRIBA ARRIBA ANDALE built straight over the ridge and took the east of the map. Perhaps not a large enough area was controlled, but they were in the running for second.

TRAVELLING HOPEFULLY RAILWAY had a central route and branches to the east and west and yet they had no area monopolised. They built the heads of the valleys line, giving access to all valleys, yet it proved to be less profitable than I expected.

So to BLACK SHEEP RAILWAYS. Usually Gerald's edge of the map routes ensure a low placing, but this time he walled off enough of the map to ensure himself a lot of unopposed runs which more than compensated for his absence from half the map. Congratulations due to Gerald, and thanks to all the players for sending orders in on time nearly all the time.