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Railway Rivals game 11 – start-up

We have four players for this game, which is on the classic "South Wales Coalfield (East)" map – Map A in the Rostherne Games canon.

Mike Clibborn-Dyer: Arriba Arriba Arndale (AAA), Blue
Starting from Cardiff

Martin Jennings: Steam Machines & Funiculars (SMF), Red
Starting from Newport

Jonathan Palfrey: Travelling Hopefully Rails (THOR), Green
Starting from Penarth

Gerald Udowiczenko: Black Sheep Railways (BSR), Black
Starting from Barry

GM Notes

Good luck all - any queries to Mike.

Please put your company name and colour at the top of your orders and write your three builds on separate lines.

When paying known costs to others, please write the name of company to pay, not just colour.

Die rolls for the first round are: 6, 4, 5