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Railway Rivals game 12 – start-up

The map is Illinois, with everybody starting in Chicago (all together now: my kinda town...). Players should have a working copy of the map with their email notification for this issue of TWJO.

The players are: Mike Clibborn-Dyer, Pevans, Jonathan Palfrey and Gerald Udowiczenko. There's room for one more if anyone's interested in joining in.

With their first turn's orders, players should give a name for their company and their preference list for colour (from Blue, Black, Green, Red or Brown).

GM Notes

Please remember when connecting to a state outside Illinois that you do not have to connect to the King/Queen symbol, just cross the boundary line.

Secondly, note that when connecting to the top half of Indiana, where the state line runs through the middle of the hex, you must run past the line. Thus, K71 connects, J70 doesn't.

Please put your company name and colour at the top of your orders and write your three builds on separate lines.

When paying known costs to others, please write the name of company to pay, not just colour.

Mike is taking a break in October, so there's a double-length deadline.

The first turn's die rolls for building are: 4, 3, 6