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Railway Rivals game 13 – start-up

We have five players, which is enough to start - there's room for one more, if anybody wants to pitch in (send first turn orders - first to do so gets the spot).

Our players (and assigned colours) are:
    Bob Blanchett - Black
    Mike Clibborn-Dyer - Blue
    Jonathan Palfrey - Green
    Rob Pinkerton - Red
    Gerald Udowiczenko - Yellow
(Any sixth player will take orange.)

All players should get a working copy of the London & Hampshire (LH)  map and the official rules (as PDF documents) with this issue of TWJO.

GM Notes

With the first turn, give a name for your railway company. Your orders should be headed with Player Name, Company Name and Colour (to make my life easier).

Then give your builds for each die in turn. If you build to a town, write the town name (with the hex if you want). Everybody starts from London, which should be interesting.

There will be a three-point bonus for the first player building through each of the hexes where Paul and I went to secondary school.

The first turn's die rolls for building are: 5, 4, 5