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Trader to the Stars

Star Trader game 8

This is the eighth postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in my games magazine, To Win Just Once. This is the web version of the turn. Follow the link for an introduction to Star Trader.

Previous turns: Turn 5 Turn 4 Turn 3 Turn 2 Turn 1 Start-up

Turn 6 report

Sections: Corporation Table, GM Notes, News, Press, Systems map (separate page), PDF map (170k)

    "So, what do we do?"
    "I don't know. We have our orders."
    "But the sums don't add up. Look, he's factored in the wrong prices."
    "You want to wake him? Remember what he did to the last man to wake him?"
    "He's got toothache."
    "Biting his head off - literally - is still overreaction to a tap on the cheek."

No one bought anything at Gamma Leporis.

At Epsilon Eridani PAVONIS PIONEERS sold 6 Isotopes for 6 HTs each. INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS sold 8 Liquors for 17 HTs apiece and gained a Contractor's position. Then TRANSURANIC TRADING sold a further two at the same price.

INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS sold 8 Isotopes for 10 HTs each at Delta Pavonis and took a Dealership; PAVONIS PIONEERS sold 2 more at 12 HTs. INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS then bought 10 Petroleum for 8 HTs each and got a second Dealership, leaving PAVONIS PIONEERS to buy 5 on Contracts. PAVONIS PIONEERS then sold 1 Spice for 15 HTs.

PAVONIS PIONEERS gained a Dealership in Isotopes at Tau Ceti when they bought 11 Isotopes for 5 HTs apiece.

Mu Herculis found INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS selling 9 Isotopes for 8 HTs each and gained their third Dealership this Quarter. PAVONIS PIONEERS bought 5 Monopoles at 13 HTs each. INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS bought 9 Petroleum for 9 HTs apiece and acquired yet another Dealership.

Alpha Centauri was quiet. WHITE STAR LINE wanted to buy Liquors, but its bid of 12 HTs was not enough as the price rose, while FATCAT could only sell 5 Alloys for 14 HTs each.

TRANSURANIC TRADING bought 6 Isotopes for 5 HTs each and gained a Dealership, while PAVONIS PIONEERS bought 2 Isotopes on Contract and then sold 2 Petroleum on Contracts.

At Beta Hydri TRANSURANIC TRADING sold 12 Monopoles for 13 HTs each - and took a Dealership - leaving FATCATS unable to sell any at 17. PAVONIS PIONEERS sold a Petroleum for 13 HTs after which COSTRA NOSTRA IMPORTERS INC sold 5 at the same price to close trading for the Quarter.

COSTRA NOSTRA IMPORTERS INC loaded Passengers for Tau Ceti, Beta Hydri and Epsilon Eridani, bought a Petroleum Factory (refinery?) at Mu Herculis and an Isotope Factory at Sigma Draconis. Then they laid down a Phoenix Hull at Tau Ceti, called Machine Gun Kelly, and a Corco Gamma Hull at Epsilon Eridani, called John Dillinger.

FOOLS AND HORSES smiled at their Spice Factory production as it boomed and increased their Business Connections.

FEDERATED ASSOCIATION OF TRUCKERS CO-OPERATIVES AND TRADERS loaded Passengers for Beta Hydri and one for Alpha Centauri. They then took OP 40, a Spear Hull at Gamma Leporis, which they equipped with an A class crew, a Battle Comm Pod and a Hunter pod. They then defaulted on their loan with predictable consequences of increased loan and decreased Reputation.

WHITE STAR LINES took Passengers for Tau Ceti and Alpha Centauri.

SWISS MERCENARY FLEET sold Naginta E for 110% of list and laid down Naginta G and Naginta H in the Shipyards at Tau Ceti (both Piccolo hulls with D crew) and raised their Political levels to 3.

INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS bought a Warehouse at Mu Herculis.

PAVONIS PIONEERS were quiet. The ship's unlikely failing of a jump had muddled their plans.

TRANSURANIC TRADING hired Agent Percent and loaded Passengers to Sigma Draconis. A Warehouse was bought for Tau Ceti, Political Connections were increased and then their Reputation Increase was spectacular.


Intersidereal Greenhorns proudly announces that we added a new service this Quarter; it is now possible to hire Eleanor. Any interested Corporations should send their propositions on our E-Mail:

Corporation table

Corporation letter and name Connections Bus/Crim/Pol Init'v Bid Turn Order Cash Rep'n Player
C Costa Nostra II 5 5 1 0 5th 239 23 Mark Cowper
D Fools & Horses 3 0 7 0 4th 65 40 Mike Clibborn-Dyer
E FATCAT 9 7 5 7 2nd 42 36 Jerry Elsmore
F White Star Line 1 0 7 10+1 1st 298 40 Paul Evans
G Swiss Mercenary Fleet 2 5 3 0 6th 198 35 Martin Jennings
H Intersidereal Greenhorns 10 0 7 0 7th 161 40 Mateusz Ochman
J Pavonis Pioneers 10 0 8 10 2nd 132 40 Przemek Orwat
K Transuranic Trading 5 0 5 0 8th 270 30 Bob Parkins
N under Initiative Bid means No move received, F indicates the Corp was floated


There were three new News chits this turn. The current chits (new ones in bold) are as follows.
Turn 7 B4, P4
Turn 8 C10, P6
Turn 9 C2, B6
(Chits are identified by the Connection type and level required to see them and disappear/take effect in the News Phase of the turn listed.)

GM Notes

There are shipyards at Beta Hydri, Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti and Alpha Centauri (as shown on the Star System table on page 16 of the rules). These are the only places you can build a ship. If you order a ship to be built elsewhere I will allocate it at random.