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Trader to the Stars

Star Trader game 8

This is the eighth postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in my games magazine, To Win Just Once. This is the web version of the turn. Follow the link for an introduction to Star Trader.

Previous turns: Turn 11 Turn 10 Turn 9 Turn 8 Turn 7 Turn 6 Turn 5 Turn 4 Turn 3 Turn 2 Turn 1 Start-up

Turn 12 report

Sections: Corporation Table, GM Notes, News, Press, Systems map (separate page), PDF map (170k)

The Civil War that had been threatening erupted on Gamma Leporis. The revolutionaries and regulars confiscated all warehouses and ships in the system but most Corporations, either by luck or knowledge, avoided losses.

At Epsilon Eridani TRANSURANIC TRADING sold 5 Liquor for 10 HTs each, undercutting WHITE STAR LINE's bid of 12 HTs. PAVONIS PIONEERS sold 7 Petroleum for 3 HTs.

FEDERATED ASSOCIATION OF TRUCKERS CO-OPERATIVES AND TRADERS became a Dealer in Isotopes at Delta Pavonis, after selling 14 units for 10 HTs each. PAVONIS PIONEERS sold 5 more units at the same price.

Mu Herculis was busy, starting with FATCAT selling 9 Alloys for 11 HTs each to take a Dealership. PAVONIS PIONEERS sold 8 Isotopes for 12 HTs apiece and gained the same Market Position. INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS sold 6 Liquors for 10 HTs each and a Contractorship. Various Corporations wanted to deal in Monopoles but in the end INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS sold 6 at a price of 8 HTs and PAVONIS PIONEERS bought 5 at 12 HTs. COSTA NOSTRA, TRANSURANIC and PAVONIS all wanted to sell Petroleum, but none did as the price fell.

FOOLS AND HORSES sold Spice at Beta Hydri, using their Market Manager position to sell 11 units for 16 HTs each.

And at Sigma Draconis, PAVONIS PIONEERS sold 8 Monopoles for 16 HTs each, gaining a Dealership. FATCATS bought 17 Alloys at 6 HTs each, also gaining a Dealership and shutting out TRANSURANIC's bid of 2 HTs to buy.

COSTRA NOSTA IMPORTERS INC loaded Passengers for Beta Hydri, Epsilon Eridani and Delta Pavonis.

FATCAT loaded Passengers for Alpha Centauri, Beta Hydri and Tau Ceti, while concentrating their cargo fleet at Sigma Draconis. Their Alloys and Warehouses vanished at Gamma Leporis.

WHITE STAR loaded Passengers for Beta Hydri, Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti.

SWISS MERCENARY FLEET sold 2 Piccolo hulls at Mu Herculis and laid down two more at Tau Ceti Shipyards. The Glaive landed on planet at Tau Ceti and loaded as much of OP 33 as it could.

TRANSURANIC TRADING raised its Political Connections to 6 and lost its Gamma Leporis resources in the revolt. An additional Spice Factory was bought and Passengers were loaded for Mu Herculis. An agent was being sought for hire, but then news came in and the purchase was not proceeded with.

PAVONIS PIONEERS sold all their Factories and Warehouses and then sold their ships at prices ranging from 50% of list to 140%. Sacrificing many goods in warehouses they just managed to scrape over the 2000 HT line.

INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS also were cashing everything in, or almost everything. They kept four warehouses and their contents, while selling all their Factories and ships for just 70% of list at Mu Herculis. However this gave them a total cash bank of nearly 400 HTs more than PAVONIS PIONEERS, and INTERSIDEREAL GREENHORNS are therefore the most successful company in the Quadrant.

Corporation table

Corporation letter and name Connections Bus/Crim/Pol Init'v Bid Turn Order Cash  Rep'n Player
C Costra Nostra II 7 5 2 0 6th 114  26 Mark Cowper
D Fools & Horses 3 0 7 0 7th 966  40 Mike Clibborn-Dyer
E FATCAT 10 8 5 12 1st 425  36 Jerry Elsmore
F White Star Line 4 0 7 10+1 2nd 266  40 Paul Evans
G Swiss Mercenary Fleet 4 5 5 0 5th 286  40 Martin Jennings
H Intersidereal Greenhorns 10 0 7 0 8th 2392  40 Mateusz Ochman
J Pavonis Pioneers 10 0 8 5 3rd 2022  40 Przemek Orwat
K Transuranic Trading 10 0 6 0 4th 189  40 Bob Parkins
N under Initiative Bid means No move received, F indicates the Corp was floated


EV 5 - Civil War at Gamma Leporis - took place this turn.

There were four new News chits this turn. The current chits (new ones in bold) are as follows.
Turn 13 B5, C8
Turn 14 P4, B3, P2
Turn 15 C4, B10, C6, P6
Turn 16 B7
(Chits are identified by the Connection type and level required to see them and disappear/take effect in the News Phase of the turn listed.)

GM Notes

I would appreciate a Game End Statement from each of you by the next deadline (pushed back because of exam commitments) explaining how you were cheated, or the cunning moves, the breaks you got, or how you went wrong.

As a rough final position, using approximations and assuming everything was sold, the Corporations' final positions are as follows:
Intersidereal Greenhorns: 2,556 HTs
Pavonis Pioneers: 2,022 HTs
Transuranic Trading: 1,875 HTs
Fools And Horses: 1,606 HTs
FATCAT: 1,509 HTs
White Star Line: 1,260 HTs
Costra Nosta Import Inc: 1,031 HTs
Swiss Mercenary Fleet: 870 HTs