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Trader to the Stars

Star Trader game 9

This is the web version of the latest turn in the ninth postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in To Win Just Once, the games magazine. For an introduction to Star Trader follow the link.


Sections: Corporation Table, GM Notes, PDF map (140k)

We have nine players so far - there's room for a few more. Starting positions are shown below and on the map (factories, ships and warehouses).

Corporation A: Costra Nostra Pizza Inc (CNPI) - Mark Cowper
    Special Ability 8: two Corco Zeta spaceships instead of one Clarinet

Corporation B: Oxfords Not Brogues (ONB) - Mike Clibborn-Dyer
    Special Ability 1: Four Dealerships at the start (Petroleum at Epsilon Eridani, Spice at Alpha Centauri, Alloys at Tau Ceti and Isotopes at Mu Herculis)

Corporation C: Federated Association of Truckers Co-operatives And Traders (FATCAT) - Jerry Elsmore
    Special Ability 13: Hot Shot Navigators (+2 on Hyperjump rolls)

Corporation D: Solar Spice & Liquors (SSL) - Pevans
    Special Ability 9: Agent Ferret (starts at Mu Herculis)

Corporation E: Swiss Mercenary Fleet (SMF) - Martin Jennings
Special Ability 19: Charismatic Chairman (+2 Reputation each round)

Corporation F: Lisping Tree (LT) - Michael Martinkat
    Special Ability 20: Influential Friends (extra Connections)

Corporation H: Intersidereal Novices (IN) - Mateusz Ochman
    Special Ability 16: Battle Comm Pod (replaces one Cargo pod)

Corporation J: Red Star Lines (RSL) - Przemyslaw Orwat
    Special Ability 7: Four Isotope Factories at Sigma Draconis

Corporation K - Bob Parkins
Special Ability 9: Agent Percent (starts at Mu Herculis)

Corporation table

Corporation letter and name Connections Bus/Crim/Pol Init'v Bid Turn Order Cash  Rep'n Player
A Costra Nostra Pizza Inc 7 0 0     500  20 Mark Cowper
B Oxfords not Brogues 0 0 7     500  20 Mike Clibborn-Dyer
C FATCAT 0 0 7     500  20 Jerry Elsmore
D Solar Spice & Liquors 1 0 6     500  20 Paul Evans
E Swiss Mercenary Fleet 2 0 5     500  20 Martin Jennings
F Lisping Tree 0 7 0     500  20 Michael Martinkat
H Intersidereal Novices 0 7 0     500  20 Mateusz Ochman
J Red Star Lines 0 7 0     500  20 Przemek Orwat
K   0 0 7     500  20 Bob Parkins
N under Initiative Bid means No move received, F indicates the Corp was floated

GM Notes

Two Corporations have the same special ability. There was a "can't those who sent orders in have first choice even if it's duplicate" query and I decided yes.

Please head your orders with your Name, Corporation Name and Corporation letter. It saves me a lot of time.

You can rename your ships. Some have names I gave them.