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Star Trader game 9

This is the web version of the latest turn in the ninth postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in To Win Just Once, the games magazine. For an introduction to Star Trader follow the link.

Previous turns: Turn 2 Turn 1 Start-up

Turn 3

Sections: Corporation Table, GM Notes, News, Press, Star Systems map (PDF, 188k)

    "And what now?"
    "Le Gros Fromage wants us to increase Spice Production."
    "And I see we have orders to collect for delivery. At last. I was dying of boredom."

FATCAT beat RED STAR LINES and TRANSURANIC by bidding 5 HTs and buying all 17 Alloys available at Gamma Leporis for that price. They were made Contractors as well.

TRANSURANIC bought 4 Alloys for 3 HTs each at Epsilon Eridani, in part compensation.

Delta Pavonis saw COSTRA NOSTRA II selling 4 Alloys for 9 HTs each and then buying 4 Petroleum for 8 HTs apiece. They were outbid by RED STAR LINES, who bought 8 Petroleum for 9 HTs each and took a Contractorship, but there was enough Market left for COSTRA. RED STAR LINES were unconcerned. They also sold 8 Isotopes for 8 HTs each and gained a Dealership on top.

At Mu Herculis INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES sold 8 Isotopes for 9 HTs each and got a Dealership. Thanks to better circumstances than the previous quarter, they were also able to buy 8 Petroleum for 8 HTs apiece and gained a second Dealership. Meanwhile RED STAR LINES' bid to buy Monopoles was cut when the price held up, but they managed to buy 6 Monopoles for 13 HTs each and also were made Dealers.

SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS were selling 3 Monopoles at a price of 12 HTs each at Sigma Draconis and bought 10 Spice for 12 HTs each, taking a Dealership. COSTRA NOSTRA had already sold 4 Spice for 10 HTs each. Perhaps they should talk. RED STAR LINES stepped in and bought 12 Isotopes for 6 HTs each and gained their fourth Market Position of the Quarter.

TRANSURANIC TRADING sold 6 Isotopes for 9 HTs each at Alpha Centauri and made a Dealership. They used Agent Percent to sell 6 Spice at the top Market price. They wanted to buy Liquors, but were beaten to it by SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS, who bought 9 for 12 HTs apiece and gained the Corporation's second Dealership of the Quarter.

FATCAT, by dint of winning the initiative, managed to load all their ships with Passengers to the high level Spaceports.

SOLAR SPICE AND LIQUORS improved their Reputation still further, but ran out of funds when wishing to improve their Business Connections.

SWISS MERCENARY FLEET added a further Spice Factory to their production capacity and moved their shipping to take advantage of the position.

INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES shuffled their pods. The streamlined Flute vanished from the Spaceport and is believed to have loaded Weapons on Planet, though this is unconfirmed by management. Reputation was improved slightly and a fifth Cargo pod bought for the Stacey.

COSTRA NOSTRA PIZZA INC bought another Alloy Factory at Gamma Leporis.

OXFORDS NOT BROGUES bought B class crew for their new ship.

Corporation table

Corporation letter and name Connections Bus/Crim/Pol Init'v Bid Turn Order Cash  Rep'n Player
A Costra Nostra Pizza Inc 7 0 2 0 5th 69  22 Mark Cowper
B Oxfords not Brogues 1 0 7 0 6th 14  27 Mike Clibborn-Dyer
C FATCAT 3 0 7 7 3rd 189  26 Jerry Elsmore
D Solar Spice & Liquors 5 0 6 0+4 2nd 83  40 Paul Evans
E Swiss Mercenary Fleet 2 0 5 0 8th 164  26 Martin Jennings
F Smitten Kitten 4 0 7 0 9th 180  22 Michael Martinkat
H Intersidereal Novices 3 7 2 6 1st 25  32 Mateusz Ochman
J Red Star Lines 6 7 1 0 7th 32  33 Przemek Orwat
K Transuranic Trading 5 0 7 0 4th 297  30 Bob Parkins
N under Initiative Bid means No move received, F indicates the Corp was floated



There were two new News chits this turn. The current list (new chits in bold) is:
Turn 4 B8
Turn 5 B8, P6
Turn 7 B1, C3
(Chits are identified by the Connection type and level required to see them and disappear/take effect in the News Phase of the turn listed.)