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Star Trader game 9

This is the web version of the latest turn in the ninth postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in To Win Just Once, the games magazine. For an introduction to Star Trader follow the link.

Previous turns: Turn 3 Turn 2 Turn 1 Start-up

Turn 4

Sections: Corporation Table, GM Notes, News, Press, Star Systems map (PDF, 180k)

Government spokesmen said the unrest after the election results would soon be quelled. Investors had no need to fear.

RED STAR LINES were selling Isotopes at Alpha Centauri - 7 for 9 HTs each - and gained a Dealership. SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS bought 9 Liquors for 12 HTs each and upgraded to a Contractor's position. SWISS MERCENARY FLEET were selling 8 Spice at 15 HTs apiece - gaining a Dealership - thus undercutting SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS who still managed to sell 2 units at 16 HTs each.

The problems in the Badlands planetary areas were not affecting production.

TRANSURANIC TRADING bought 6 Alloys at Sigma Draconis at a price of 5 HTs and received a Dealership. RED STAR LINES dumped 8 Petroleum for 11 HTs each. Then SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS bought 6 Spice at 12 HTs apiece, taking a Dealership, after which COSTRA NOSTRA INC sold at the same price.

There is no danger of conflict spreading off planet to the Spaceports.

INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES bought 10 isotopes for 5 HTs apiece at Tau Ceti and gained a Contractorship. OXFORDS NOT BROGUES bought 3 units for 4 HTs each as the market remained buoyant.

There is no cause for alarm. Residents and visitors are requested to take care when away from the public areas.

SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS sold Liquors at Mu Herculis: 8 units at the price of 14 HTs and gained a Dealership. RED STAR LINES were buying Monopoles - 8 units for 15 HTs each - and taking a Contractorship. Petroleum had 3 buyers: firstly FATCAT, who bought 1 unit for 11 HTs; COSTRA NOSTRA INC bought 4 for 8 HTs each; and, finally, TRANSURANIC TRADING bought 6 units at the closing price using Agent Percent.

Please stay in your rooms.

Epsilon Eridani saw INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES selling 7 Petroleum for 14 HTs apiece and obtaining a Dealership. OXFORDS NOT BROGUES sold 4 Liquors for 12 HTs each. It was INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES who dominated Alloys, buying 9 for 6 HTs apiece and getting a Dealership. After this TRANSURANIC TRADING bought the two remaining units for 5 HTs each, leaving OXFORDS NOT BROGUES's bid of 4, and SWISS MERCENARY FLEET's bid of 5 unfulfilled.

All shipping and assets have been confiscated for the revolutionary Government. Compensation will be paid at a realistic price...

The revolution at Gamma Leporis had been brewing for a while but was not on everyone's radar. Four ships were lost together with Factories and Warehouses and good. Recompensed at 50% of hard asset values, some Corporations had an unexpected boost to their cash flow.

COSTRA NOSTRA INC took out a 70 HT loan over 4 quarters and increased their Business Connections, as well as improving the Corporation's Reputation. Passengers were loaded for Beta Hydri.

FEDERATED ASSOCIATION OF TRUCKERS CO-OPERATIVES AND TRADERS loaded Passengers for Tau Ceti, Beta Hydri and Epsilon Eridani. Their plans to sell a ship were pre-empted, but they laid down a new Ashbrook: a Phoenix Hull with Augmented Jump, 6 Cargo pods and an A class crew at the Tau Ceti Yards.

SWISS MERCENARY FLEET boosted their Business Connections.

INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES were improving their Political Connections, with the commensurate increase in Reputation. They also delivered Weapons to Mu Herculis for a reasonable profit, though this cannot be confirmed.

RED STAR LINES shrugged off their losses and increased their Political Connections as well.

TRANSURANIC TRADING loaded Passengers. And continued to roll out its Factories production.

Corporation table

Corporation letter and name Connections Bus/Crim/Pol Init'v Bid Turn Order Cash  Rep'n Player
A Costra Nostra Pizza Inc 8 0 2 5 2nd 203  27 Mark Cowper
B Oxfords not Brogues 1 0 7 0 6th 77  27 Mike Clibborn-Dyer
C FATCAT 3 0 7 15 1st 207  26 Jerry Elsmore
D Solar Spice & Liquors 8 0 6 0+4 7th 99  40 Paul Evans
E Swiss Mercenary Fleet 4 0 5 0 8th 242  30 Martin Jennings
F Smitten Kitten 4 0 7 N 9th 180  22 Michael Martinkat
H Intersidereal Novices 6 7 3 5 3rd 102  39 Mateusz Ochman
J Red Star Lines 7 7 2 0 5th 107  36 Przemek Orwat
K Transuranic Trading 6 0 7 0 4th 102  32 Bob Parkins
N under Initiative Bid means No move received, F indicates the Corp was floated


EV 5 - CiviI War on Gamma Leporis - occurred this turn.

There were five new News chits this turn. The current list (new chits in bold) is:
Turn 5 B8, P6
Turn 6 P4
Turn 7 B1, C3, P2
Turn 8 B1, B6, C6
(Chits are identified by the Connection type and level required to see them and disappear/take effect in the News Phase of the turn listed.)

GM Notes

When events take players by surprise, I cut down buy orders as players would do playing face to face.

No orders were received from Smitten Kitten this turn.