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Star Trader game 9

This is the web version of the latest turn in the ninth postal (PBM/PBeM) game of Star Trader GMed by Mike Dommett and published by Pevans in To Win Just Once, the games magazine. For an introduction to Star Trader follow the link.

Previous turns: Turn 7 Turn 6 Turn 5 Turn 4 Turn 3 Turn 2 Turn 1 Start-up

Turn 8

Sections: Corporation Table, GM Notes, News, Press, Star Systems map (PDF, 190k)

Beta Hydri saw RED STAR LINES selling its two remaining Petroleum for 10 HTs each, but otherwise trading here was slack.

SWISS MERCENARY FLEET sold 9 Spice for 11 HTs each at Alpha Centauri and gained a Contractorship. RED STAR LINES bought 4 Liquor for 12 HTs apiece, though they would have liked more, and SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS bought 5 on Contract. FATCATS sold 14 Alloys for 12 HTs each and were awarded, not surprisingly, a Dealership.

Sigma Draconis had a modest boost to prices which soon dropped down again, though only RED STAR LINES took advantage, selling 10 Petroleum for 8 HTs each and then being ignored by the Market. SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS were active, selling 8 Monopoles for 16 HTs to take a Contractor's position and using their Market Managers privileges to buy 11 Spice for 10 HTs each before TRANSURANIC TRADING used Percent to buy 6 more at the same price.

FEDERATED ASSOCIATION OF TRUCKERS CO-OPERATIVES AND TRADERS sold 9 Alloys at Mu Herculis for 12 HTs each and gained a Dealer's position. INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES sold 3 Isotopes for 9 HTs each and then 2 Liquors for 16 HTs apiece, though here SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS sold 5 on Contract. It was RED STAR LINES that bought Monopoles, 7 for 13 HTs each and the Market Managership, outbidding INTERSIDEREAL's bid of 12 and pushing the price up for SSL. Undaunted, INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES bought 6 Petroleum for 6 HTs each to fill their ship and RED STAR LINES sold 4 units at 5 HTs apiece to leave the price where it started.

OXFORDS NOT BROGUES enjoyed Tau Ceti, first selling 6 Alloys for 11 HTs each and gaining a Contractor's Position, and then buying 6 Isotopes at 4 HTs and taking a Dealer's position.

COSTRA NOSTRA PIZZA wanted to sell Petroleum at Delta Pavonis, but without success. They did sell 9 Isotopes for 6 HTs each and took a Dealership, while RED STAR LINES unloaded 5 on Contract. And SWISS MERCENARY FLEET sold 7 Spice for 11 HTs each and became a Dealer here too.

INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES bought 8 Alloys for 7 HTs each and got a Contractorship. They outbid TRANSURANIC's 5, though TRANSURANIC TRADING did sell 2 Isotopes for 8 HTs each before selling 6 Spice for 11 HTs apiece and gaining a Dealer's position. Finally, INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES sold 12 Petroleum for 10 HTs each and took a Contractorship.

The FEDERATED ASSOCIATION OF TRUCKERS CO-OPERATIVES AND TRADERS loaded their usual 200 HTs worth of Passengers and repaid their loan to the Federal Banks. This was, of course, mis-reported last Quarter and the reporter responsible has been quartered to avoid repetitions. No one knows who did it. The banks were then tapped for a quite precise 432 HT Loan, on which interest was promptly paid, and 15 Petroleum Factories and an accompanying Warehouse were bought at Delta Pavonis.

INTERSIDEREAL NOVICES bought an increase in Political Connections this Quarter.

SOLAR SPICE & LIQUORS took out a 520 HT loan over 4 Quarters and used this to buy a further 7 Monopole Factories at Mu Herculis, boosting their production facilities.

TRANSURANIC TRADING laid down a Piccolo Hull with A Crew and Augmented Jump at the Tau Ceti Shipyards, and it has been provisionally named 'Polaris'.

OXFORDS NOT BROGUES bought 2 Petroleum Factories at Mu Herculis and sold the Seranade's Passenger pod before upgrading the crew class to A and buying a new Cargo Pod.

COSTA NOSTRA PIZZA INC bought a Warehouse at Delta Toucanis to cater for its growing Petroleum production.

Corporation table

Corporation letter and name Connections Bus/Crim/Pol Init'v Bid Turn Order Cash  Rep'n Player
A Costra Nostra Pizza Inc 10 0 2 0 7th 106 33 Mark Cowper
B Oxfords not Brogues 6 0 7 0 6th 168 40 Mike Clibborn-Dyer
C FATCAT 8 0 7 7 5th 343 36 Jerry Elsmore
D Solar Spice & Liquors 10 0 6 0+4 3rd 101 40 Paul Evans
E Swiss Mercenary Fleet 8 0 5 0 8th 550 40 Martin Jennings
F Smitten Kitten 4 0 7 N 9th 66 22  
G Intersidereal Novices 10 7 5 12 1st 176 40 Mateusz Ochman
H Red Star Lines 10 7 3 5 2nd 251 40 Przemek Orwat
J Transuranic Trading 10 0 7 0 4th 232 40 Bob Parkins
N under Initiative Bid means No move received, F indicates the Corp was floated


Event 25 took place this turn, increasing prices at Sigma Draconis.

There were four new News chit this turn. The current list (new chits in bold) is:
Turn 9 P6, P3
Turn 10 C4, P5, B6, C5
Turn 11 B8, C3
Turn 12 B6, P5
(Chits are identified by the Connection type and level required to see them and disappear/take effect in the News Phase of the turn listed.)

GM Notes

Market Managers: IF you intend to bid to buy in the Market you control, you must say how many and at what price. This may be qualified as exampled "Bid one more than anyone with initiative in front of me has bid to buy Alloys, otherwise bid 11 HTs to buy up to 9 units". If you intend to use the Market Manager's buying on contracts option, then "Use MM contracts option to buy/sell XYZ". Orders such as "Use MM to buy Alloys" will count as a null order in future. You all know who you are.


SMITTEN KITTEN is available for anyone to take over and play, even just to get some experience of the game system.