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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Players' Press for October 1675

Sections: Announcements, Blatant Brown-nosing, Despatches from the Front, Matters of Honour, Military Missives, Ministerial Correspondence, Personal, Poetry Corner, Social


Aide Wanted!
    Looking for a competent Subaltern as Aide.
† Sir Louis Severin Descartes
Br Brigadier General GDMD & QM General

        ** Aide Required **
I am looking for a competent aide.
Please contact me with your credentials.
† (Brevet) Bdr-General Viscount Thyme

        ** Join the QOC **
Gentleman of Paris, if you are new to the city or are looking for a new Regiment, then you can do no better than join the Queen's Own Carabiniers.
Please contact me for more details, and some financial help is available.
† Viscount Thyme

Matters of Honour

Mes Amies
I have three duels this month and desperately need a Second. Please contact me, if you would be so obliged.
    Yours Etc,
† YS

Too late for this month, but maybe next... † Le Roi

Despatches from the Front

    "OK cavalry brigade, follow me! We will teach those Dutchies where to stick their stroopwafels."
Thunderous quiet...
Balzac Slapdash turns around, "Cavalry Brigade?"
He finds himself standing by a dyke in a field of Flemish tulips, not a cavalryman in sight. Sheepishly, a frontiersman sidles up, "Sorry, guv, they all went back to Paris. Still, the brass were so impressed at your solo assault they've promoted you."


Horse race - week 4!
To spice up the glorious autumn days, I hereby call all gentlemen of Paris to a horse race in week 4 of November! I will put up the pot of 1000 GC, starting fee is 50 GC per rider, including drinks!
First price wins 500 GC, second 250 GC, third 100 GC.
The race will conclude with a party at Bothwell's, ladies welcome!
For participants the drinks are included - for our ladies and spectators paid by yourself.
Who will take home the Grand Duke Max Trophy?
† Sir Louis Severin Descartes
Br Brigadier General GDMD & QM General

Gentlemen of Paris,
    During week 2, Miss Nifisent and I will be dining at my club and be delighted to receive gentlemen (SL 9+) and their ladies for polite discussion and Whist; refreshments at my expense.
† Baron Louis Renault


To: Thomas de la Lune
My Most Esteemed Sir,
'Tis with a pen heavy with the ink of grievance that I must address thee on a matter most distressing. Imagine my consternation upon observing your arrival at my victory soirée, with none other than my former mistress, the fickle bedswerver, Miss Did, draped upon your arm! Oh, the irony of it all, to witness the ostentatious display of one who has pilfered the affections of another, paraded about like a prize sow at market. Such behaviour ill befits a gentleman of discernment and breeding.
Moreover, in the presence of my new muse, the enchanting Miss Nifisent, thy actions bordered on the impertinent. 'Tis not the mark of a true gentleman to flaunt past dalliances in the face of present company.
Henceforth, I must regrettably inform thee that thy presence shall not be solicited at future gatherings should thou persist in such antics. I trust thou wilt heed this guidance and conduct thyself henceforth with the decorum befitting a man of standing.
With a modicum of hope for your understanding,
† Baron Louis Renault
Cavalry Division Commander

To whom it may concern,
I am interested in your investment offer, please contact me with further information.
† Le Chimiste

Dear Come Asioua,
Please accept my apologies for not signing off your request to be the Regiment Adjutant of QOC, I only saw the paperwork after it was too late. Please apply again, and if you know of any good Aides, please ask them to apply to me, as I need someone.
† Justin Thyme

Poetry Corner

(All signed poetry submissions gain their author at least 1 SP)

1 In realms of love, where passions rage,
A tale unfolds on history's page,
Of Yve Stanbul, with guile and art,
Who dared to steal young Sheila's heart.
2 Through fields of glory, we marched as one,
Our valour shining 'neath the sun.
But in the camp, where whispers fly,
Yve's treachery did catch mine eye.
3 Sheila, fairest flower in my heart's keep,
Caught in the web of Yve's deceit.
His rank, a cloak for wily schemes,
To steal affection in moonlit dreams.
4 Oh, Yve! Betrayer in soldier's guise,
Thou art a serpent 'neath the skies.
With every glance, my blood did boil,
As Sheila fell for thy honeyed toil.
5 Though ills of jealousy may sting,
My quill shall wield a potent sting,
With sword and shield, and honour bright,
I'll challenge Yve to mortal fight.
6 So let the duel of hearts commence,
In verses penned with eloquence,
For Sheila's love, a prize to win,
And banish Yve's deceitful grin.
7 Oh, Yve! Thy name a bitter taste,
A rival's shadow, cold and chaste.
But in the clash of steel and strife,
I'll win back Sheila, my love, my life.
† Major Come Asiouar

Who dragoons the Dragoons?
And who guards the Guards?
You've marked your cards.