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Railway Rivals game 18 (RR2528CY)


The new game is on the Cyprus Map and starts with four players. Not run this map before.

MediTerranean (MT), Anthony Gilbert - Red
Starts: Larnaca
Points: 20 = 20

Canterbury Railways (CR), Rob Pinkerton - Blue
Starts: Famagusta
Points: 20 = 20

All Greek To Me (AGTM), Mike Dyer - Black
Starts: Kyrenia
Points: 20 = 20

Inland Ironhorse International (III), Chris Rudram - Green
Starts: Lapithos
Points: 20 = 20

Latest map

Troodos map (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

GM Notes

Order layouts: Your Name, Company Name, Company Colour.

The Troodos Mountains are where the built railway (the Cyprus Government Railway) terminated.

[Pevans notes: the map has "Famagusa" instead of Famagusta, but I've added the t on my copy.]

    First Builds: 4, 3, 6


We have four players for this game:
    Mike Dyer,
    Anthony Gilbert,
    Rob Pinkerton and
    Chris Rudram.

With four players, this will be on the Cyprus map (PDF working copies will be sent to players).

To start the game, please confirm you're playing and let me have:
    Your company name,
    Preferences for starting position and
    Preferences for colour (Black/Blue/Green/Red).