Formula Dé Championship 2004

This is a tournament of the motor-racing board game Formula Dé that took place through 2004 at Swiggers games club. On this page you will find the table showing the final standings, and the reports of the races. You can also take a look at the results of our 2003 Formula Dé Championship.

This year we used the new Formula 1 scoring system: 10 points for first, 8 for second, 6 for third and 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 to eighth place – no points if you don’t finish. We held twelve races over the year, with each player’s best eight scores counting for the Championship.

2004 Championship Table

Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
Race 4
Race 5
Race 6
Race 7
Race 8
Race 9
Race 10
Race 11
Race 12
Best 8
Final Pos'n
Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts
Mike Out X 6 3 9 0 6 3 6 3 6 3 5 4 3 6 4 5 2 8 2 8 5 4 47 41 5th
Rob 4 5 Out X                                         5 5 n/c
Michael 1 10 2 8 2 8 7 2 4 5             8 1 Out X         34 34 8th
Ben 9 0 5 4 3 6 3 6 Out X 3 6     6 3 5 4 6 3 Out X     32 32 9th
Jennie Out X 4 5 8 1 5 4 2 8 4 5     1 10 Out X 4 5 3 6 3 6 50 49 2nd
Richard 10 0 Out X Out X 4 5 5 4 5 4     4 5 1 10 3 6 Out X 4 5 39 39 7th
Pevans 6 3 Out X 1 10 1 10 Out X     6 3 Out X 6 3 Out X 1 10 6 3 42 42 4th
Chris 5 4     Out X Out X 1 10     3 6 Out X Out X 1 10 Out X 1 10 40 40 6th
Sean 2 8 1 10 5 4 2 8 3 6     4 5 5 4 7 2     6 3 2 8 58 52 1st
JP 7 2 3 6 7 2 8 1 Out X 2 8 2 8 2 8 2 8 5 4 4 5 7 2 54 49 3rd
John 3 6                                             6 6 n/c
Felix 8 1 Out X                                         1 1 n/c
Dommett     Out X 6 3         1 10 1 10 Out X 3 6 Out X         29 29 10th
Andrew         4 5                                     5 5 n/c
Sebastian                                         5 4     4 4 n/c
Position/Points Legend: Out/X = Did not finish, blank = Did not take part. Final position: n/c = not classified.
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Race reports

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 2003 results 2001 results 2000 results

Race 12: Brazil (Interlagos) 1st December 2004

The weather is fine and sunny for the last race of the season. On the Interlagos circuit this should mean a fast race – but maybe some engine problems. The field of seven cars gets away from the grid and accelerates along the start-finish straight towards the first corner.

Chris slipstreams into Senna 'S' (Turn 1) to join Mike and JP as the leading group of cars.

Chris JP pulled ahead of Mike as the three cars hurtled down the back straight and into Descida do Lago (Turn 2). Puffs of smoke from Mike and JP suggested their engines were already feeling the strain. Mike caught back up to them at the corner as Jennie, Sean and Pevans hit the straight and Richard exited Senna 'S' (Turn 1).

Pevans slipstreams Jennie to lead the trailing group as Richard caught up – but there was more smoke from Richard and Pevans. Smoking engines, too, for Mike and Chris smoke as they led JP into Ferradura (Turn 3). The back four worked their way through Descida do Lago (Turn 2).

Richard dropped to the back at Ferradura (Turn 3). The three groups of cars maintained their positions through the corners. Then Mike went a bit fast into Pinheirinho (Turn 5), clipping JP's car with his front wing and knocking bits of carbon fibre bodywork off both cars.

Perhaps slowed down by damaged aerodynamics, JP fell back from the leaders. Pevans, Sean and Jennie caught him at Junção (Turn 7 and last). Richard was still last, then traversing Bico de Pato (Turn 6).

Mike was first into the pits. Chris followed him into the pit lane. There aws more smoke from Pevans as he put the hammer down out of Junção (Turn 7).

Mike left his pit, only for Chris's pit crew to change his tyres in short order and get him out right behind. Jennie, Sean and Pevans left JP further behind on the start/finish straight, but only Pevans dived into the pits. This may have been a mistake for Sean as his engine produced some smoke in sixth gear. There was a similar puff of smoke from Richard as he caught JP on the exit from Junção (Turn 7).

Despite his smoking engine, Sean caught Mike and Chris on the way into the Senna 'S' (Turn 1). Jennie wasn't quite fast enough down the straight to join them. And Pevans crawled away from his pit, blocking Richard and JP in the pit lane.

Pevans and Jennie followed the leading trio into the Senna 'S' (Turn 1) as JP Richard pitted.

It was the turn of Chris to produce some smoke as he sped down the back straight with Mike. Sean had difficulty negotiating the Senna 'S' (Turn 1), allowing Jennie and Pevans to catch back up. Richard and JP left their pits and charged into the Senna 'S'.

His sprint down the back straight allowed Chris to drop Mike at Descida do Lago (Turn 2). Behind them, Jennie and Sean out-dragged Pevans along the straight.

As Chris hit Ferradura (Turn 3), Sean and Jennie caught Mike at Descida do Lago (Turn 2). Richard charged out of the Senna 'S' to catch up with Pevans on the straight. JP was slow round the Senna 'S'.

Mike fell back further at Ferradura (Turn 3): Sean and Jennie moved on ahead of him. Richard and Pevans were quickly into Descida do Lago (Turn 2).

But Richard was charging harder and got ahead of Pevans at Ferradura (Turn 3).

Richard caught Mike at the 'S' curve (Turn 4). JP caught Pevans at Ferradura (Turn 3), but Pevans pulled ahead f him again.

Trying to keep Richard behind him, Mike knocked his front wing sideways at the 'S' curve (Turn 4). Richard seemed undamaged, but couldn't get past Mike.

Mike and Richard caught Jennie at Pinheirinho (Turn 5) as Sean pulled ahead of her in pursuit of Chris. These three negotiated the following corners together.

Chris crossed the line in first place with Sean charging after him. Richard banged wheels with Jennie at Junção (Turn 7 and last), damaging both cars. It didn't do him any good as Jennie got ahead on the straight to finish third. Richard took the chequered flag next, followed by Mike. Pevans held off JP to finish sixth, with JP the last to finish.

Final positions: 1st Chris (10 points), 2nd Sean (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th Richard (5), 5th Mike (4), 6th Pevans (3), 7th JP (2).

And that means Sean wins this year's Championship – congratulations to him! Jennie takes second place from JP by virtue of having won more races than him. Previous champion (in 2002 and 2000) Pevans collects fourth after being consistent all season: he finishes first, sixth or not at all! Last year's champion, Mike, is fifth. The crashmeister, Chris, is sixth with his 50/50 record (he crashed in 50% of the races he entered). 7th place goes to Richard with Michael 8th, Ben 9th and Dommett 10th.

We plan to hold another Championship in 2005 and the debate on rules changes is now open! New drivers are always welcome – sign up with the Swiggers mailing list to join the debate.

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Race 11: Hungary (Budapest) 3rd November 2004

Under threatening clouds, nine cars lined up on the grid. All got off to a clean start and powered down the straight towards Turn 1. Mike, Chris, Ben and Richard led into Turn 1. JP and Jennie were the next group to enter the corner, leaving Pevans, Sebastian and Sean trailing behind.

Mike and Richard pulled ahead of Ben and Chris and into Turn 2. Richard was a little over-enthusiastic and ran into the back of Mike's car on the exit. Richard's front wing lost a few chips of carbon fibre, but there was no damage to Mike.

Mike took a clear lead with a charge into Turn 3. Then the rain came down! The cars slowed drastically to negotiate the twists of the track on their dry weather tyres. Except Sean, who sprinted into Turn 2 to catch JP, only to embed his front turning vane into JP's sidepod. This left Pevans and Sebastian at the back.

As Mike tip-toed round Turn 5, Richard hit Turn 4. Chris and Ben negotiated Turn 3, leaving Jennie outside. JP and Sean exited Turn 2 while Pevans and Sebastian crept through Turn 2.

Accelerating out of the corner, Sebastian caught up to JP and Sean on the way to Turn 3. Richard got his approach to Turn 6 wrong, allowing Ben and Chris to pass him into the corner. Unsighted in the spray, Chris slid into Ben, knocking his own front wing askew without harming Ben's car.

Ben tried to return the favour as they negotiated Turn 6, only to inflict further damage on both cars. At the back of the race, Pevans caught Sean in Turn 5 as he dropped behind JP.

Ben and Chris were side by side through Turn 6, barging each other as they went. Ben finally knocked the rear wing off Chris's car. Deprived of the downforce, the car slewed round and wiped out Ben's nosecone. Both cars pirouetted neatly to the side of the track and stayed there.

Leaving Turn 5, Pevans caught JP. The two cars hurtled into Turn 6, passing Jennie who'd missed a gear on her approach to the corner. Sean and Sebastian caught Jennie as she made it into Turn 6, only for Sean to drop back again.

Trying to keep up with the charging Sebastian, Jennie overcooked it and slid into him as they went round Turn 6. A bent turning vane on Jennie's car was the only result.

Pevans dropped JP behind as he caught Richard in Turn 7. The two cars went round together into Turn 8, where Pevans lost bits off his front wing when he slid into the back of Richard. Jennie and Sebastian charged forward to catch JP in Turn 7. At the front of the race, Mike powered into the pits. A poor choice of tyres before the race meant he could only change to fresh dry weather rubber.

Jennie pulled ahead of JP and Sebastian in Turn 8. Mike came out of the pits in a cloud of spray as Richard and Pevans came in.

JP was back up with Jennie as they negotiated Turn 9. Faced with the same problem as Mike, Richard left the pits on dry tyres. Pevans stayed in his pit while his brakes were fixed.

As Pevans accelerated down the pitlane, Jennie came in, closely followed by JP. Sebastian was next to pull in, but missed his pit. Jennie and JP exited on wet weather tyres as Sebastian found the right place to stop.

Pevans made it to Turn 2 just behind Richard as Mike maintained his lead. Jennie and JP jostled their way into Turn 1 after leaving the pits. Sebastian switched to wet tyres, while Sean rounded Turn 10.

Turn 2 saw JP leave Jennie behind. As Sebastian left the pits, Sean came in. It was wet tyres for him and then out again.

Pevans and Richard drove together round Turns 4, 5 and 6. Sebastian caught Jennie in Turn 3 and they proceeded together through Turns 4, 5 & 6.

On his wet weather tyres, Pevans finally got ahead of Richard at Turn 7 and then caught Mike in Turn 8. JP was slow out of Turn 6 after problems negotiating the corner.

Pevans passed Mike into Turn 9. Sebastian and Jennie caught up to JP at Turn 7. Then they left JP behind to catch Richard in Turn 8.

Pevans was first to take the chequered flag. Trying to maintain his third place, Richard was too fast round Turn 9 and spun across the gravel trap and out of the race.

Mike finished second. Jennie outdistanced JP to enter turn 9 ahead of him.

Jennie went on to take third place. JP and Sebastian duelled round Turn 10, but JP out-dragged him down the final straight for fourth. Sean was last to finish, in sixth place.

Final positions: 1st Pevans (10 points), 2nd Mike (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th JP (5), 5th Sebastian (4), 6th Sean (3). DNF: Chris, Ben, Richard.

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Race 10: Austria (Zeltweg) 6th October 2004

Richard led the cars off the grid. All nine cars got away cleanly, but there was some jostling down the start/finish straight.

Richard still led into Castrol (Turn 1). JP, Ben and Dommett fought over second place. Michael, Mike, Pevans and Chris tucked in behind them. Jennie was last.

Mike and Chris challenged Richard into the Remus hairpin (Turn 2). Dommett slipstreamed in to join them, leaving Pevans, Michael, JP, Ben and Jennie outside the corner.

When the second group entered the hairpin, Jennie was moving a bit too quickly. She used JP's car for braking assistance. The result was to knock a turning vane off her car and put a dent in JP's sidepod. JP then ran into Michael and pushed his own front wing sidewise.

The impact seemed to help Michael as he left the corner with the leading group, in place of Richard. It didn't help that much as Michael dropped back again at Gosser (Turn 3). This left Mike, Chris and Dommett leading through the corner.

A sprint from Pevans and Richard saw them catch Michael as he rounded Gosser (Turn 3). This left Jennie, Ben and JP outside the corner as the rain started.

The suddenly slippery track caused problems. Dommett damaged his car on Mike on the way to the Niki Lauda curve (Turn 5). Behind them, Pevans was going too fast down the straight to be able to take Turn 4. His car pirouetted across the gravel trap and bounced off the tyre wall, scattering bits of carbon fibre. Michael and Richard avoided him as they made their way through Turn 4. Jennie, Ben and JP slowed down drastically to take Gosser (Turn 3).

Michael caught the leaders again at the Niki Lauda curve (Turn 5). His car hit Mike's, which neatly removed Michael's front wing while taking a dent itself. The impact bounced Michael across the track into Dommett, taking him out as well. Jennie and Ben caught Richard entering the Niki Lauda curve (Turn 5). This left JP in last place.

Mike missed the entry to Gerhard Berger (Turn 6), leaving Chris with first place all to himself. Richard, Jennie and Ben all caught up with Mike as he took the corner gingerly. JP fell further back.

Mike charged ahead of the pack at Turn 7. Only Jennie matched his pace to stay with him. The track was drying as Chris made his pit stop. He gambled by changing to a fresh set of hard compound, dry weather tyres and made a fast stop. Coming in behind him, Mike opted for wet weather rubber, but needed a few repairs as well. Jennie made it into the pit lane as Ben and Richard negotiated Jochen Rindt (Turn 8). JP was just leaving Turn 7.

As Chris sprinted into Castrol (Turn 1) the sun came out and his gamble paid off. Mike changed back to dry weather tyres, as did Jennie. Ben and Richard duelled through Mobilkuom (Turn 9 and last). JP was still on his way to Jochen Rindt (Turn 8).

Mike finally made it out of the pits, still in second place as Jennie had further work done on her car. Ben and Richard entered the pit lane.

At the front, Chris took the Remus hairpin (Turn 2), while Mike hit Castrol (Turn 1). Ben dived into his pit, as did Richard. A quick stop saw Richard get out just ahead of Jennie. JP took Mobilkuom (Turn 9 and last) ready for his stop.

As Richard and Jennie arrived at Castrol (Turn 1), JP pulled into his pit and Ben waited for some repairs.

Ben and JP left the pits together and accelerated into Castrol (Turn 1). Jennie and Richard were on way to the Remus hairpin (Turn 2), which Mike was taking pretty quickly. Chris was at Gosser (Turn 3).

Despite his pace, Mike managed to clear the Remus hairpin (Turn 2) okay. Jennie and Richard duelled, as did Ben and JP. JP won his battle and led Ben by the time they arrived at the Remus hairpin (Turn 2).

Despite a challenge from Richard and Jennie, the long drag down the back straight saw Mike stay ahead of them. Chris made it into the Gerhard Berger corner (Turn 6) as Mike took Turn 4 and Richard and Jennie rounded Gosser (Turn 3). JP charged down the straight behind them as Ben left the Remus hairpin (Turn 2).

Turn 4 was where Richard finally got the better of Jennie. JP kept Ben behind him through Gosser (Turn 3).

The cars were now well apart and it looked like there would be a procession to the finish. Then Jennie spun in Turn 7 trying to catch Richard. Chris took the chequered flag. As Jennie got back up to speed, JP caught her in Jochen Rindt (Turn 8) and Mike finished second. But Jennie still had the edge on JP and out-dragged him to line, some distance behind Richard. Ben finished last.

Final positions: 1st Chris (10 points), 2nd Mike (8), 3rd Richard (6), 4th Jennie (5), 5th JP (4), 6th Ben (3). DNF: Pevans, Dommett, Michael.

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Race 9: France (Magny-Cours) 8th September 2004

Ten cars started on the grid in blazing sunshine. All the cars got away safely. JP, Sean, Mike, Jennie, Richard and Dommett made up the leading group into Grande Courbe (Turn 1). Trailing behind them were Ben, Michael, Chris and Pevans.

Dommett fell back from the leaders as they reached Estoril (Turn 2). Chris caught up to them as they exited the corner.

Richard's engine smoked badly as the cars hurtled down the Golf straight towards the Adelaide hairpin (Turn 3). Jennie, JP, Mike and Sean stayed with him, only for Jennie's engine to show the strain too. Chris braked hard for the hairpin and was caught by the second group as they hit sixth gear down the straight. This time the smoke was from Ben's engine.

As the leaders completed the Adelaide hairpin (Turn 3), Richard bounced off Mike and Jennie, scattering bits of carbon fibre from his car across the track. Ben dropped back to make last place his own.

Richard and Jennie took the lead into Nurburgring (Turn 4). Richard made the perfect approach to the 180° hairpin (Turn 5) leaving Jennie braking sharply to get round the corner. Behind the leading pair, Pevans caught up to Mike and JP as they charged into Nurburgring (Turn 4), leaving Sean behind.

Mike, JP and Pevans caught Jennie still negotiating the 180° hairpin (Turn 5). Richard was far ahead by this time! Ben caught back up to the trailing group as they negotiated their way round Nurburgring (Turn 4). The high pace took a toll from the engines with Pevans, JP, Ben and Mike's cars all showing some distress.

The second-place group took their time round Imola (Turn 6), allowing Chris and Sean to join them. Behind them, Ben and Michael completed the 180° hairpin (Turn 5) ahead of Dommett.

Dommett was clear last as the tailenders coped with Imola (Turn 6). Meanwhile Richard arrived into his pit for some fresh rubber.

Jennie and Chris fell back again at Chateau d'Eau (Turn 7).

Sean and JP got away from Pevans and Mike at Chicane/Lycée (Turn 8). Jennie and Chris caught back up to them with a charge in sixth gear. Chris's engine smoked a bit, while Jennie's smoked an awful lot. With no power, her car coasted to a halt by the side of the track. There was a puff of smoke, too, from Dommett's engine as he charged out of Chateau d'Eau (Turn 7) back into contention with Ben and Michael.

Chris then took Chicane/Lycée (Turn 8) too fast and piloted his car across the gravel and into the tyres. Jostling with Pevans in Chicane/Lycée (Turn 8), Mike knocked his front wing askew.

This allowed the charging Dommett to catch Pevans and Mike in Chicane/Lycée (Turn 8), while Michael's engine was the next to produce some smoke. Sean hurtled into his pit and JP entered the pitlane.

As JP entered his pit, Sean left his and went straight into Grande Courbe (Turn 1). Braking hard, Dommett blocked the pitlane entrance, forcing Mike and Pevans to follow suit and queue behind him. Michael got ahead of Ben, only to sit behind the pitlane queue..

With cars blocking the pitlane, Ben caught up to the group trying to change their tyres. Richard disappeared into the distance in first place, as JP caught Sean on the Golf straight. A quick stop for Michael saw him leave the pits first, with Mike following him. Dommett and Pevans made further repairs to their cars. Ben arrived at his pit and was straight out again.

JP and Sean duelled through the Adelaide hairpin (Turn 3), with Sean losing out. Michael arrived at Estoril (Turn 2) well ahead of Mike, who was just entering Grande Courbe (Turn 1) with Ben right behind him.. Pevans was last to make it away from the pits, trailing behind Dommett.

With the cars spread out around the track, the only racing was between Ben and Mike as they negotiated Estoril (Turn 2) and were joined by Dommett. The trio then caught Michael at the Adelaide hairpin (Turn 3).

It was still a fast race and both Sean and Pevans's engines showed the strain with more smoke. Mike and JP followed suit. Michael dropped back from the fight between Ben, Dommett and Mike.

These three drivers caught Sean at Imola (Turn 6), with Michael behind them. Pevans was back at the 180° hairpin (Turn 5).

As Richard entered the home straight, JP burned round Chicane/Lycée (Turn 8). The pack was in Chateau d'Eau (Turn 7) with Michael in Imola (Turn 6), being chased down by Pevans.

Richard crossed the line with clear track behind him. Mike and Dommett dropped Sean and Ben at Chicane/Lycée (Turn 8) and Pevans sprinted past Michael to catch them.

JP finished second. Dommett out-dragged Mike down the start/finish straight for third. Mike was, of course, fourth. Ben finished fifth, just ahead of Pevans, who was just ahead of Sean in seventh. Michael was the last car to cross the line, in eighth place.

Final Positions: First Richard (10 points), 2nd JP (8 points), 3rd Dommett (6), 4th Mike (5), 5th Ben (4), 6th Pevans (3), 7th Sean (2), 8th Michael (1). DNF: Chris, Jennie.

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Race 8: Britain (Silverstone) 11th August 2004

The weather was bright and sunny as the race got under way. Dommett, JP and Chris led off the grid and into Copse (turn 1).

The remaining six cars screamed into Copse (turn 1) some way behind them.

A sprint by Sean saw him catch up to the leaders in Becketts (turn 2). He ran a bit too far over the kerb, damaging the undertray on his car. Mike joined the leading group at Becketts (turn 2) as well.

This gave a group of five cars negotiating the twists of the Becketts (turn 2) complex. JP tried to hold back the other four. Mike sideswiped JP as he worked his way past, putting an interesting dent into his own sidepod. Then Chris braked not quite hard enough and knocked his front wing sideways on JP's car.

As the five cars exited the corners onto the Hangar straight, Chris had further problems with his braking and hit Dommett. Perhaps he was trying to straighten out his front wing, but the result was to leave the whole thing flapping precariously, while Dommett had a dented sidepod to match Mike.

The leading group finally broke up at Club (turn 4). Mike and JP took the lead, dropping Chris, Dommett and Sean. Further back, Ben made last place his own as he negotiated Stowe (turn 3) behind Jennie, Pevans and Richard.

It was Sean's turn to damage his car in Club (turn 4). He ran into Dommett, knocking his front wing askew on Dommett's rear wing. A charging Pevans left Jennie and Richard behind and joined the middle group (Chris, Dommett and Sean) in Club (turn 4).

Richard followed Pevans's lead and caught up to the middle group of cars in Luffield (turn 5). The leaders (JP and Mike) were on their way out of Luffield (turn 5).

Jennie was caught by Ben on the way into Luffield (turn 5). Mike exited the corner and went straight into his pits. JP went past the pitlane with his pristine car, despite being on the soft compound rubber.

Trying to get the right line out of Luffield (turn 5), Chris ran wide and slammed into Dommett. The two cars banged wheels hard. The shock was enough to shake loose Dommett's rear wing and his car ran off the track and into the tyre barrier. Chris took evasive action, but the strain was too much for his damaged front wing, which fell off. The car spun into the gravel trap, leaving Chris beached.

Passing the two crashed cars, Pevans made it into the pits as Mike left his. JP was already into Copse (turn 1). Richard followed Pevans into the pitlane.

A quick stop saw Richard out quickly, still in front of Pevans. Behind them, Sean rolled into his pit. Ben chased him into the pitlane, while Jennie continued down the start/finish straight.

This may not have been a good move. Jennie made it into Copse (turn 1), only to be caught by Richard and Pevans, racing each other out of the pitlane. Richard slammed into the side of Jennie's car, leaving his turning vanes embedded in Jennie's sidepod. Then Pevans locked a wheel and bent his front wing and Jennie's rear wing. Rather more calmly, Ben turned into his pit as Sean left his. And JP and Mike maintained their lead over the rest of the field.

Despite the damage, Jennie and Pevans left Richard behind them at Becketts (turn 2). Sean then caught Richard in Becketts (turn 2), while Ben left the pits, but was still outside the corner.

JP took a clear lead over Mike at Club (turn 4). Richard caught back up to Jennie and Pevans in Stowe (turn 3).

Negotiating Club (turn 4) slowly, Mike was caught by Jennie, who left Pevans and Richard behind. Sean sprinted through Stowe (turn 3) to join Pevans and Richard in Club (turn 4).

The three cars battled neck and neck through Club (turn 4). At the exit, Pevans was between the other two cars when he hit a patch of oil. His car slewed sideways and his rear wing banged into Richard's rear wheel. Then the car bounced the other way, smacking its rear wing into Sean's rear wheel. This was too much stress from an unexpected direction and the tortured rear wing fell off. Deprived of this downforce, Pevans's car lifted off and careered across the gravel trap into the tyres. Neither of the other two cars was scratched.

On his worn rubber, JP was trying to preserve his undamaged car. But he was too slow. Jennie caught him in Luffield (turn 5). Mike charged round Abbey curve in 6th gear to join them both on the way into Luffield (turn 5). The three cars challenged each other through the corner, trying to get first place.

Behind this group, Richard followed Mike's example, hurtling into Luffield (turn 5) in 6th gear. He braked hard, but was now well ahead of Sean.

Jennie exited Luffield (turn 5) in the lead. JP was right on her tail – finally pushing his car hard – and Mike just a nose behind. However, Jennie out-dragged them down the start/finish straight to win the race.

Ben made a late charge from the back as JP crossed the line in second place. Mike came home 3rd as Sean fended off Ben's challenge.

Final positions: 1 Jennie (10 points), 2 JP (8), 3 Mike (6), 4 Richard (5), 5 Sean (4), 6 Ben (3). DNF: Chris, Dommett, Pevans.

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Race 7: Canada (Montreal) 14th July 2004

The skies are once again overcast at the start of the race. Dommett, JP and Mike make the leading group into Turn 1. JP is too enthusiastic and smacks his rear wing askew on the Dommett's tyres.

As the second half of the cars negotiate Turn 1, Chris points the nose of his car into the side of Pevans's. The result is dents in both.

Mike fell back from the leaders in Turn 2, leaving Dommett and JP fighting for the lead. Pevans couldn't even keep up with the back markers and claimed last place for himself.

Turn 4 saw the Dommett get a clear lead as JP dropped back to join the main pack.

Both JP and Mike were able to slipstream past the Dommett on the way into Turn 5. But the Dommett kept his momentum to accelerate away from the corner in the lead again.

The Dommett went straight into the pits for a slow stop. JP fell behind pack as they rounded the final corner.

A quick stop from Mike saw him block the pit lane for Chris & Sean. Then he sped away to catch up to the Dommett in Turn 1.

Chris and Sean arrived in their pits and so did JP. The three exited and hit Turn 1 as Pevans pitted.

The Dommett got ahead of Mike again into Turn 2 as Pevans left the pits.

As he turned into Turn 2, Mike was joined by Chris, Sean and JP. The four cars continued round to Turn 3 where Chris got slightly ahead. Mike tried very hard to stay with him, only to knock bits off his front wing in the attempt. Avoiding the debris, Sean fell back.

Chris sprinted in 5th gear to catch the Dommett in Turn 4. He sped right through the corner and spun on the exit.

Pevans followed his example to join Sean and Mike in Turn 4. Mike wasn't able to stop quickly enough and dented his nose cone on Pevans's car.

JP and Chris went round Turn 5 together, but well behind the Dommett. Then the last three cars took on the corner. Pevans slammed into the bend too fast and knocked further bits off his car as he tapped Mike.

The Dommett romped home well clear of any competition. JP got clear of Chris into the final corner (Turn 6) and accelerated for the line. He crossed in second place as Chris was still negotiating his way round the corner.

Chris finished third as Sean passed the ailing Mike into Turn 6. S took fourth place and Mike held off Pevans for fifth. Pevans was sixth and last.

Final scores: 1st The Dommett (10 points), 2nd JP (8), 3rd Chris (6), 4th Sean (5), 5th Mike (4), 6th Pevans (3).

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Race 6: 16th June 2004 (Report from notes by Mike)

As the race starts under cloudy skies, Ben is slow to pull away. At Turn 1 Richard overtakes Jennie to claim the lead. Mike catches up to the leading pair, but slides into the rear of Jennie's car, bending her rear wing and his front wing.

Picking up the pace through Turn 1, Jennie puts her own front wing out of shape as she dents Richard's sidepod. JP brakes hard to stay in the corner, but the Dommett overshoots in a cloud of smoking rubber.

Mike slipstreams Jennie along the straight, but she regains the lead at Turn 2. The Dommett fails to make the corner and drops behind the pack. Ben finally clears Turn 1 in pursuit.

Richard, Jennie and JP pull away from Mike at Turn 3. Ben is still in Turn 2, with the Dommett falling further back.

Ben catches the Dommett at Turn 4, but is a little too enthusiastic. His front wing hits the Dommett's rear wheels and is knocked askew. Jennie and Richard lead through Turn 5 with Mike and JP jostling for position behind them.

Richard and Jennie hit fifth gear coming out of Turn 6, pulling away from the rest. Richard retake the lead through Turn 7 and is first through Turn 8 (the last corner).

As they fight through the corners JP gets a little too close to Mike and bits of carbon fibre fly off both machines. The pair catch to Jennie in Turn 8, where Mike is forced to brake hard to avoid hitting her or overshooting the corner.

Richard storms into the pit lane and arrives at his pits. Not a fast stop, but he's away on fresh, soft rubber. Just as the rain begins to fall.

Jennie takes a slower stop to effect some repairs. Mike is balked by Ben and opts to make further repairs. The Dommett makes a fast stop and is out again quickly.

Richard, in a clear lead, slides on the greasy track and overshoots Turn 1. JP and Jennie barrel into the corner, but have to crunch down the gears to stay on the circuit. The Dommett is with them and in the right gear. Mike heads for Turn 1 as Ben leaves the pits.

JP and the Dommett catch Richard in Turn 2, leaving Jennie behind them. Ben and Mike trail some way behind.

Richard and JP battle for first place through Turns 3 and 4, JP gaining the advantage as they exit Turn 4. B catches up to the Dommett at Turn 3, scraping a couple of turning vanes off his car as the two machines get a bit too close in the corner.

Meanwhile the hapless Mike overshoots Turn 2 in a desperate attempt to catch up. This doesn't do his tyres any good. Ahead of him, Jennie drops behind the Dommett and Ben.

Richard catches JP again in Turn 5. As they exit the corner, the Dommett and Ben are just entering. Jennie is in Turn 4, keeping ahead of Mike.

The Dommett and Ben put the pedal to the metal and catch the leaders in Turn 6. The Dommett smacks the side Richard's car, making a nice large dent and bending his own front wing. Ben gets his nose in front.

The four cars jostle their way through Turn 7. Ben exits first with JP close behind him. Richard gets a tow from Ben's car and the Dommett slipstreams past JP.

However, JP leads into the final corner (Turn 8) with the Dommett on his heels. They drop Ben and Richard, who are faced into low gears to negotiate the corner. No such problem for Jennie as she storms through the last couple of bends to bump wheels with the Dommett.

JP and the Dommett slide their way through the corner, the Dommett emerging ahead. Ben catches Jennie as she slows for the corner.

The Dommett maintains his lead to take the chequered flag! JP is right behind him. Ben overtakes Jennie on the straight to claim third. Jennie is fourth and Richard fifth. Mike saunters in to claim sixth some time later and is heard muttering about 'the conspiracy against the European Champion' and 'the curse of Keith Rapley'.

Final positions: 1st The Dommett (10 points), 2nd JP (8), 3rd Ben (6), 4th Jennie (5), 5th Richard (4), 6th Mike (3).

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Race 5: Monaco (Monte Carlo) 19th May 2004

For the first race this season the sun was shining with hardly a cloud in the sky! All nine cars got away cleanly. Then they bunched up at Sainte Dévote (Turn 1) and divided into two groups. The leading group comprised: Pevans, Jennie, Richard, Mike and Sean. Behind them were Michael, Ben, JP and Chris.

JP joined the leaders at Massenet (Turn 2). Richard dropped back at Casino (Turn 3).

Pevans and JP charged into Mirabeau (Turn 4), Pevans knocking his front wing askew on JP's car. Jennie stayed with them, but Mike and Sean were left behind.

The leading trio were first into the slow corners (Hairpin and Portier). This time it was JP who adjusted his front wing. The rest bunched up in Mirabeau (Turn 4).

As cars negotiated the slow corners, Pevans tried to straighten his wing on JP's car, only to put a dent in his own sidepod. Sean and Richard were left outside Hairpin (Turn 5) as the second group entered. Flying debris was traced to Ben's car as they all jostled for precedence.

Jennie had the advantage on the exit from the Hairpin (Turn 5) complex. Chris locked his brakes and bounced off the Armco as he tried to pass Michael in the middle of Hairpin (Turn 5).

Having got a gear ahead, Jennie stormed through the tunnel to take a clear lead at Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6).

Ben, Chris and Michael all charged through the tunnel to catch Pevans and JP at Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6). Understeer on the way into Tabac (Turn 7) left Jennie floundering. Pevans, JP and Chris caught her in the corner, leaving Ben and Michael behind again.

Ben tried to catch up with a charge through the harbour-side area, but ran out of brakes through Piscine (Turn 8). Only the barriers prevented him finding out whether his car was amphibious. A puff of smoke from Michael's engine turns out to be innocuous.

As the leading cars negotiated the final corners, Richard pulled ahead of Sean, leaving him the last car into Tabac (Turn 7). Michael tried to take Mike on the inside of La Rascasse (Turn 9), only to have to brake sharply as Mike closed the door. Michael's front wing took a bash.

The leading foursome dived into the pit lane. Chris and Pevans made it into their pits as Jennie and JP carried on towards their own. Mike, Michael and Richard took Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last) and Sean La Rascasse (Turn 9).

A fast stop saw JP in and out of his pit, tucking in behind Chris. Pevans took third place as Jennie and Mike made it into their pits. Seeing Mike and Richard blocking the pit lane, Michael took a last minute decision and stayed out.

Michael joined Chris, JP and Pevans into Sainte Dévote (Turn 1). Jennie and Mike sped out of the pit lane. Richard came in and Sean went past.

The leaders charged up the hill, dropping Michael at Massenet (Turn 2).

Jostling for position across the square, Chris slid into Pevans's repaired car at Casino (Turn 3). That's a dent in Pevans's other sidepod and Chris with rather less front wing than he had at the start. Accelerating out of Saint Dévote, Sean, Jennie and Mike caught Michael at Massenet (Turn 2). Sean's engine provided some smoke, but this wasn't serious. Richard left the pits in a solid last place.

Michael was then dropped by Sean, Jennie and Mike at Mirabeau (Turn 4).

With Pevans slow through Hairpin (Turn 5), Mike caught him. He braked hard, but still clipped his front wing on Pevans's rear. Pevans picked up the pace, only to slide into JP, removing his own turning vane as he took a bite out of JP's rear wing.

As the leaders sprinted away through the tunnel, the second group negotiated the Hairpin (Turn 5) complex. Jennie over-cooked it at Portier and clipped a barrier, but not too hard.

Pevans and JP dropped Chris at Piscine (Turn 8). Jennie caught him. Mike spun exiting Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6). Michael and Sean hurtled through the tunnel behind him. And Richard was last.

Sean passed the recovering Mike into Tabac (Turn 7). Michael only caught up to him, but passed him soon afterwards.

Fighting hard for the race, Pevans went too fast into La Rascasse (Turn 9). His car launched itself over JP's rear wing and slid to a halt upside down. Minus his rear wing, JP went straight on into the tyre wall.

Arriving at the debris-strewn Rascasse (Turn 9), Jennie and Chris had to take avoiding action. Chris missed the debris, but Jennie hit him. Both cars shed bits of carbon fibre bodywork, but kept going. Richard caught Mike at Piscine (Turn 8).

Chris got the edge over Jennie out of Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last) and kept it down the final straight. A late charge put Sean a close third at the chequered flag.

Michael, Richard and Mike rolled home without any further drama.

Final positions: 1 Chris (10 points), 2 Jennie (8), 3 Sean (6), 4 Michael (5), 5 Richard (4), 6 Mike (3). DNF: JP Pevans Ben.

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Race 4: Spain (Barcelona) 21st April 2004

It was another wet race! Chris was the only driver choosing not to bring any wet-weather tyres and was forced to risk the circuit on his hard rubber. The grid made a clean getaway, raising lots of spray. The long initial straight saw Jennie and Michael gain a couple of places as the pack accelerated towards the first corner. Chris was over-enthusiastic on the gas pedal and touched the rear of JP's car, bending his front wing out of shape.

Pole-sitter Pevans was first into the slow corner, Elf (Turn 1), with Sean hard on his tail. In third place, Ben took the short route through the corner. Mike gained three places in other cars' slipstreams, but remained, with the rest of the pack, outside the corner.

Ben's charge through Elf (Turn 1) saw him bump into Sean and put a dent into his own side-pod. JP imitated Ben by charging into Elf (Turn 1), but escaped any damage. The rest of the pack wasn't so clever. First Jennie slid into Mike's car, leaving her turning vanes behind on the track; then Chris tried to straighten his front wing by knocking it against Michael's car. The end result was a very unhappy, but still attached, wing assembly. Richard stayed clear of the mayhem by making sure he was last, still on the straight.

As the main pack jostled through the slow corner, Michael touched wheels with Mike and both cars' suspensions suffered. Ahead, Pevans entered Repsol (Turn 2) ahead of Sean and Ben.

Charging through the next few corners in fifth gear saw Pevans maintain his lead over Sean and Ben, duelling for second place. But he was too fast through Würth (Turn 4) and left most of the rubber from his tyres and a small cloud of brake dust behind. The pack was negotiating Repsol (Turn 2), where Richard joined them. He was a little too keen and pushed his front wing askew on the back of Jennie's car.

The cars began to spread out as they worked through the quick, short turns. JP and Mike dropped behind the pack at SEAT (Turn 3). Jennie fell back to join them at Würth (Turn 4). Leaving Michael, Richard and Chris chasing the leaders.

Sean turned up the revs on the way to Caïxa (Turn 6) and was rewarded by a worrying puff of smoke from his engine. At Campsa (Turn 5) JP damaged his car running into Jennie. And Pevans missed the entrance to Turn 9 (the last corner), allowing Ben and Sean the chance of catching him.

Having nursed his car since the second hit on his wing, Chris finally lost it at Blanc Sabadeu (Turn 7). A touch on Richard's car removed some of Richard's rear wing and the whole of Chris's front wing. His car slewed across the gravel trap and buried itself in the tyre wall. Jennie missed a gear and dropped back to last place before Caïxa (Turn 6).

Ben and Sean took Pevans in Turn 9 (the last corner) as he had run out of rubber. Mike and JP missed Blanc Sabadeu (Turn 7), putting Jennie back up with them.

Sean made a quick pit stop in an effort to claim the lead, but Ben charged past the pits to take the lead off him. Behind this, Pevans and Richard drove into their pits, but Michael went straight past.

Sean and Ben worked their way through the slow Turn 1 (Elf) as Richard and Pevans rejoined the track behind Michael. Pevans slipstreamed Richard to join Michael in Elf (Turn 1). The other three went into the pits. When they left Jennie got ahead into Elf (Turn 1), leaving JP and Mike at the back.

Pevans and Michael caught Sean and Ben in Repsol (Turn 2). As they charged through the next corners, the front-runners dropped Michael at SEAT (Turn 3). Pevans and Sean then got ahead of Ben into Würth (Turn 4). Released from Turn 1, JP and Mike were at the back, chasing Jennie. Richard was clear ahead of her.

Michael fell further behind Ben at Würth (Turn 4) and was joined by RIchard. Pevans tried to overtake Sean at Caïxa (Turn 6), but had to back off hurriedly when the green car closed the door on him. Bits of Pevans's front wing were left on the track. JP fell back at Würth (Turn 4), making last place his own.

Michael spun at Caïxa (Turn 6), trying to keep up with Richard. He kept his engine running and rejoined the race.

Pevans finally got past Sean in Turn 9 (and last) and out-dragged him down the start/finish straight to take the chequered flag. Jennie passed the recovering Michael on the way to Blanc Sabadeu (Turn 7). Sean finished in second place. Ben coasted in third. Mike caught Michael in Blanc Sabadeu (Turn 7) to relegate him to second to last. And the cars came home in that order.

Final Positions: 1 Pevans (10 points), 2 Sean (8), 3 Ben (6), 4 Richard (5), 5 Jennie (4), 6 Mike (3), 7 Michael (2), 8 JP (1), 9 . (0). DNF Chris.

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Race 3: San Marino (Imola) 24th March 2004

Eleven cars started an overcast race, but Chris stalled on the grid and was immediately playing catch-up.

Michael, Sean and JP were the leading group into Tamburello (Turn 1). JP got a bit too close to Sean, knocking bits of bodywork off both cars.

Behind the leaders was a second group of Ben, Pevans, Mike, Dommett and a charging Andrew. At the back, Chris was catching Jennie and Richard.

Andrew joined the leaders in Villeneuve (Turn 2) and the four cars sped off to Turn 3. Then Chris caught up the main pack in Turn 2.

Michael took the lead into Piratello (Turn 4) as the rain started to fall. JP was right behind him, leaving Andrew and Sean behind.

Ignoring the rain, Pevans caught Andrew and Sean in Piratello (Turn 4). Mike tried to ignore the wet surface, too, but slid into Dommett between Turns 3 and 4, putting a dent in his front wing and Dommett's sidepod.

Andrew and Pevans left Sean behind to catch the leading pair in Acqua Minerale (Turn 5). A further sprint from Pevans saw him take the lead into Variante Alta (Turn 6). This left his tyres in a pretty bad state.

Slipstreaming Ben down the straight, Chris left the pack behind to join Sean in Acqua Minerale (Turn 5). JP fell back to Sean to make a threesome.

Chris then caught up to Andrew and Michael at Variante Alta (Turn 6). He arrived in the corner with a little too much pace and clipped Michael's car with his wing. Both cars left debris behind. JP and Sean were left outside the corner.

At the front, Pevans was tip-toeing round the circuit with a rather fragile car. Andrew and Chris caught him Rivazza (Turn 7) as the track dried out. Only for Chris to crash out of the race, unable to brake sufficiently for the corner. Michael, JP and Sean made up the next group of cars. Richard caught Ben and Mike in Variante Alta (Turn 6). Dommett was behind this group, Jennie in Acqua Minerale (Turn 5) and last place.

A further charge from Richard saw him catch Sean in Rivazza (Turn 7). Then Dommett sprinted into Rivazza (Turn 7) as more rain arrived.

Andrew and Pevans raced each other into the pits. Pevans was first out, just as Michael came in for his stop.

Pevans was into Tamburello (Turn 1) as Andrew left the pits. Michael and Sean stopped in their pits as Richard arrived in the pit lane. Ben, JP and Dommett were negotiating Variante Marlboro (Turn 8 and last). Jennie was last, in Rivazza (Turn 7), with Mike between her and the next corner.

Michael and Sean came out of the pits and into Tamburello (Turn 1) with Andrew. Richard and Dommett made their stops as JP and Ben turned into the pit lane.

A fast stop from JP saw him leaving the pits with Richard and Dommett, but only Richard made it into Tamburello (Turn 1). Jennie joined Ben for a pitstop.

Michael and Sean caught Pevans in Villeneuve (Turn 2), leaving Andrew behind. Sean couldn't maintain the pace and dropped back to Andrew as Richard caught up to the pair of them. JP, Dommett and Ben were racing behind them. Jennie and Mike came back on to the track.

Ben pulled ahead of JP and Dommett into Villeneuve (Turn 2). Jennie damaged her car and Mike's in Tamburello (Turn 1).

Pevans left Michael behind at Acqua Minerale (Turn 5). Andrew dropped Richard and Sean in Piratello (Turn 4). Ben was chasing them, but only in Tosa (Turn 3). Dommett and JP arrived in Villeneuve (Turn 2).

Andrew caught Michael, who was struggling to negotiate Acqua Minerale (Turn 5). Ben caught JP and Sean at Piratello (Turn 4).

Mike spun on the exit from Tosa (Turn 3) as he ran out of rubber. Sean caught the three cars ahead of him in Variante Alta (Turn 6). Only for Ben to drop Sean, Andrew and Michael in Rivazza (Turn 7) to stake a claim to second place for himself.

Jennie passed the recovering Mike into Piratello (Turn 4) as Pevans took the chequered flag. Ben left Rivazza (Turn 7) with Sean, Andrew and Michael still navigating through.

JP, Richard and Dommett were next into Rivazza. Jennie was well behind in Acqua Minerale (Turn 5) and Mike in Piratello (Turn 4).

Michael caught Ben at Variante Marlboro (Turn 8 and last), leaving Sean and Andrew behind. Richard lost it in Rivazza (Turn 7) and crashed out.

Michael out-dragged Ben on the final straight for second place. After Ben crosed the line, Andrew slipstreamed Sean for 4th.

Dommett outdragged JP to get 6th place. Jennie rolled across the line a distant eighth to take the last point and Mike finished last.

Final Positions: 1 Pevans (10 points), 2 Michael (8), 3 Ben (6), 4 Andrew (5), 5 Sean (4), 6 Dommett (3), 7JP (2), 8 Jennie (1), 9 Mike (0). DNF Chris, Richard.

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Race 2: Malaysia (Sepang) 25th February 2004

Another wet race started with eleven cars on the grid. A flying start from Mike saw him gain a place on the starting straight.

The front four bunched up into Turn 1. Rob fell back and was caught by a charging Pevans. Charging a bit too hard, he rammed Rob's sidepod with his front wing, damaging both.

Michael and Sean left Turn 1 in the lead. Behind them Richard slid into Felix, damaging both cars. Ben arrived into the pack only to see his front wing clip another car.

Rob took further damage in Turn 1, running into Ben's car. Then Richard collided with Ben, knocking pieces off both cars. Dommett and Mike were the last cars into Turn 1.

JP caught up to the leading pair in Turn 2 as, at the back of the field, Mike slid into Dommett in Turn 1, leaving carbon fibre pieces from both cars on the track.

Arriving too fast in Turn 3, JP hit Michael and damaged both cars. The main pack was negotiating Turn 2, where Richard dropped back to join Dommett and Mike.

Pevans and Jennie pulled ahead of pack on the straight and into Turn 3. Richard and Dommett moved up, too, leaving Mike in a clear last place.

Sean took the lead through Turn 4. Felix took damage hitting Rob in Turn 3. Pevans sprinted to get ahead of Jennie in Turn 4 and began closing on the two cars ahead of him (JP and Michael).

Felix caught up to Jennie in Turn 4. Rob slipstreamed Ben on the straight to hurtle into the corner with them. Sliding on the water, he clipped Felix's rear wing. Subjected to some unexpected strain, the whole assembly dropped off. As the body of Felix's car bounced across the gravel to rest against the tyre wall, Rob ran over the debris, crumpling his front wing and puncturing both front tyres. He, too, slewed to a stop against the barrier.

At the front of the race, Michael fell back from JP at Turn 7. At the back, Richard left Turn 4 unsighted in the spray from Dommett just in front of him. He took the nose and a wheel off his car when he hit Dommett. Dommett's car was clearly damaged too, but he continued at full pelt.

Sean hurtled down the final straight and into pits well ahead of JP, who was just leaving Turn 9 (the last). At the same time Pevans caught Michael in Turn 8. Ben passed Jennie into Turn 7. Dommett was in Turn 6 and Mike in Turn 5.

With fresh rubber, Sean left his pits as JP came in. And straight out again. Dommett passed Jennie in Turn 7. Pevans out-dragged Michael on the straight to get into Turn 9 first. Ben caught Michael and slipstreamed past him.

Pevans was the third car into the pits, as Michael and Ben negotiated in Turn 9 and then entered the pit lane. Sean led JP towards Turn 2 as three cars sat in pits with mechanics hard at work. Jennie made it four cars in their pits as she came in.

The four cars stormed out down the pit lane, but Ben lost out, falling behind the other three. Sean got ahead of JP again at Turn 2. Mike made it into his pit as the Dommett turned into the pit lane.

Jennie clipped Michael in Turn 2. The kink to her front wing seemed to help as she put air between herself and the other two. Behind them, Dommett and Mike left the pits.

Ben caught back up to Pevans and Michael outside Turn 2. Sean led JP through Turn 4. Pevans damaged his car and Michael's in Turn 2, while Ben stayed with them but out of trouble. Mike and Dommett battled through Turn 1.

Michael and Pevans pulled ahead of Ben into Turn 3 to catch Jennie. Michael slid into Jennie, damaging both cars. Mike passed Dommett at Turn 2, only to have Dommett catch him again at Turn 3.

Michael took 3rd place into Turn 4 and raced after JP. He finally caught him in Turn 7. The battle for last place saw Mike run into Dommett in Turn 4, knocking yet more bits off both cars.

Jennie spun overtaking Pevans into Turn 7. Sean cleared the Turn 9 hairpin in front of the grandstands and headed for the finishing line. Michael and JP were fighting for second place through Turn 8. Pevans and the recovering Jennie were leaving Turn 7. Ben was in Turn 6; Mike and the Dommett in Turn 5.

Ben sprinted to catch Pevans and Jennie at Turn 8 and pass them. Running out of tread on his tyres, Dommett spun leaving Turn 5.

Sean won handily. Michael out-dragged JP on the final straight for 2nd. Ben spun in Turn 9, just behind them. Behind him, Pevans went just a fraction too fast down the straight and his tyres gave up. His car slid to a stop against the barrier, just yards from the finish line.

Jennie passed the recovering Ben to come fourth. Dommett passed Mike, accelerating into the last corner. This was rather too much and his car crashed through the gravel to come to a thumping stop against the tyre wall.

Final positions: 1 Sean (10 points), 2 Michael (8), 3 JP (6), 4 Jennie (5), 5 Ben (4), 6 Mike (3). DNF Rob, Felix, Richard, Pevans, Dommett.

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Race 1: Australia (Melbourne) 28th January 2004

The opening race of the season saw twelve cars line up on the grid in the rain. Ben was first to put a dent into his car as the cars bunched up in the spray on the starting straight. Jennie and Felix damaged each other in the Jones/Brabham corner (Turn 1).

Michael led out of Jones/Brabham (Turn 1), but had company in Whiteford (Turn 2). This included Rob, who charged up from the middle of the pack, only to see Jennie bend her front wing on his rear wing as she braked too late.

The pack bunched up in Whiteford (Turn 2), leaving Ben, Pevans and Richard behind, outside the corner. Sean barged into Jennie as they exited Whiteford (Turn 2) and the wheels fell off her car. Sean ran over the debris, which didn't do his car any good. Then Felix hit Mike leaving the same corner (Turn 2) and damaged both cars. Richard dropped further back from the trailing group.

Michael led Rob out of Albert Road (Turn 3). Felix, Sean and Mike were just behind, but still in the corner. Following them were Chris, John and JP, still outside the Albert Road corner (Turn 3). Ben and Pevans were duelling further back with Richard bringing up the rear.

Rob dropped back at Turn 5, just as Mike caught up to the leaders. Michael pulled ahead again at Ascari (Turn 6) - but was now in sixth gear and facing the combination of Stewart/Prost (Turn 7). JP took some damage running over the kerbs in the Clark Chicane (Turn 4).

John caught Rob in Ascari (Turn 6). Pevans caught Chris in Turn 5. Mike's tyres slid rather too much as he braked hard in Stewart/Prost (Turn 7). He hit Sean - damaging Sean's car further - and crashed out. Michael coasted into the pit lane as second placed Sean left the final corner (Stewart/Prost - Turn 7). Ben caught Pevans and Chris in Ascari (Turn 6).

Michael and Sean entered their pits as Rob and John left Stewart/Prost (Turn 7). Michael left his pit with a clear lead over Sean. Rob pitted in turn, but John sped past. He sprinted down the straight and into Jones/Brabham (Turn 1) with Sean. Then past him into Whiteford (Turn 2) where he caught up to Michael. Having left the pits, Rob caught Sean on his way to Whiteford (Turn 2). JP left the pits as Felix and Ben and Pevans came in. Chris went straight past.

Defending his first place, Michael clipped John leaving Whiteford (Turn 2) abd knocked some bits off both cars. A fast stop saw Pevans charge out of the pits and into Jones/Brabham (Turn 1) alongside Chris, only to drop back at Whiteford (Turn 2). Felix and Ben left the pits behind this.

Finding Rob in Whiteford (Turn 2), Chris was too enthusiastic in trying to get past. The cars banged wheels, shaking something loose on Chris's car. Caught in turn by Ben, Pevans slid into his car, damaging both at Whiteford (Turn 2).

Michael went back into the lead at Turn 5 and led into Ascari (Turn 6), chased by John. Sean, Rob and JP were fighting for third place in the Clark Chicane (Turn 4). Richard charged to catch Felix in Whiteford (Turn 2) only to drop back again at Albert Road (Turn 3).

Another dash by Rob saw him challenge John for second as JP dropped back from Sean. Pevans and Felix caught Chris in Clark Chicane (Turn 4).

Pevans and Chris sprinted into Turn 5, catching JP and dropping Felix.

Under no threat, Michael sauntered towards the finish line. Sean caught John at the final corners (Stewart/Prost - Turn 7). Pevans hurtled into Ascari (Turn 6) to join Rob, but took some damage from the kerbs. JP was right behind this pair and Chris charged through the three of them in sixth gear. This gave a pack of four cars fighting for 4th-7th places through the final corners (Stewart/Prost - Turn 7).

Sean and John crossed the line as the fight left Stewart/Prost (Turn 7). It turned out quite tame as the cars processed across the line. Rob was first for fourth place, followed by Chris, Pevans and JP lost out, taking 7th. Felix scored the last point, coming home in 8th place. After which Ben and Richard completed the race.

Final positions: 1 Michael (10 points), 2 Sean (8), 3 John (6), 4 Rob (5), 5 Chris (4) 6 Pevans (3), 7 JP (2), 8 Felix (1), 9 Ben, 10 Richard. Did not finish: Jennie, Mike.

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